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Joyfull Restaurant – Family Restaurant Chain Merging Delicious Western, Japanese Meals

Subsequent to touching base in Japan the first eatery I was presented was Joyfull. I went to Joyfull on a very exciting night with my companions. It is one of the busiest restaurants of the city. It is quite easy to enjoy your time. Indeed, even the atmosphere there is rather parallel to American diners, yet the menu items are quite exceptional. It has a large number of branches across the country. It is a standout amongst the most acclaimed and busiest spots of Beppu City.

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Right after getting situated in my seat, I saw there are numerous appeals of this restaurant that will probably encourage more people to come and enjoy for themselves. Despite it being founded in Japan, the menu is quite vast, with popular Western and Japanese meals including French fries, steaks, rice, miso soup...the list goes on. It will be an easy introductory meal for those who visit Japan for the first time.

One of Joyfull's best qualities are the prices which are moderate compared with different eateries in Beppu. A crepe is around 350 yen. A dish of curry and rice is around 450 yen. Furthermore, a hamburger steak dish is around 800 yen. There was something else that couldn't be disregarded. Each time you eat at Joyfull, they give you a coupon. The coupon is with the expectation of complimentary beverages. You are permitted to drink free espresso, soup, and Coke with these coupons next time you come.

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Joyfull also has many delicious menu items for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


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Joyfull serves a breakfast menu (5:00am~11:00am) called the Morning Menu and includes fried egg dishes, bacon, sausage, hamburger steak, pork and miso soup dishes, and more.


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The lunch menu (10:00am~15:00pm) are special priced at lower than the dinner menu and includes a Daily Special item, hamburger steaks, chicken steaks, meal sets, and more. Bread or rice as side dishes are exceptionally good.


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The dinner menu or Grand menu, includes a wide variety of different items such as steaks, pasta, risotto, pizzas, salads, and more. High portion meals at reasonable prices. Customers can order more than one dish without draining their wallet.

The servers are exceptionally kind. They are extremely helpful with the entire procedure. I saw in this eatery is that they put a ringer on each table so customers can call for service anytime. Besides, 50% of the employees of were college students.

The environment inside the restaurant is very calm and clean. The restaurant is well decorated and has enough space to handle 50-60 people at a time. They also play refreshing music while you have your meal. Joyfull is a perfect place if you are going for a dating or hanging with friends because it is well known for serving reasonable taste of food in reasonable amount for reasonable price. As for me, I have always satisfied with Joyfull’s given service and will continue to have a nice meal in Joyfull.

Joyfull restaurants are easy to locate in Japan. Be sure to find one once you visit.


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