Japan’s Year-End Seasonal Snacks

If you visit Japan, never ever forget to try the snacks here. Besides being the food mecca that it is, the food that you would want to try in Japan should never just be limited to ramen, sushi, or traditional desserts. The snacks in Japan are definitely worth trying. When I previously came to Tokyo for holiday, I would inevitably end up leaving with a suitcase worth of snacks. These snacks were those readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores (Family Mart, 7-11, Lawson etc.). However, a recent discovery of a place for good and cheap snacks in Japan is Don Quijote. A massive chain store offering just about everything and anything you can think of, Don Quijote (otherwise known as Donki amongst locals) has a wide variety of snacks going at affordable prices.

Apart from a general love for snacks in Japan, seasonal snacks are also a huge thing here. You might have heard of the quirky KitKat Chocolate flavours available in Japan – flavours like Azuki Red Bean, Strawberry Cheesecake, Wasabi can be bought at airport departure terminals – but you might not know about the other seasonal snacks available. While traditional dessert stores offer delicately made desserts fitting the weather outside, seasonal changes also provide a reason for Japanese snack manufacturers to produce new wacky snacks.

Below is a list of 6 seasonal snacks that you can get in this end-of-year season.

1. Butter & Royal Milk Tea Fujiya Home Pie


The normal Fujiya Home Pie is a delectable snack that is served even in eateries as an after-meal snack. Crunchy, slightly sweet, it is a light biscuit that is strangely addictive. While it normally comes in a butter-flavour, a limited edition Royal Milk Tea flavour has been spotted! While I’ve eaten the Fujiya Home Pie, and drank the Royal Milk Tea drink on separate occasions, combining the two together in a biscuit might seem strange but was surprisingly delicious! The biscuit was indeed flavoured with Royal Milk Tea – a fragrant tea with a very light milk taste for those who have not tried the drink before.

2. Country Ma’am Vanilla & White Chocolate Biscuits


Similar to the Fujiya Home Pie, this is a snack that has been around for a while. Previously available in chocolate and vanilla flavours, the White Chocolate flavour is slightly sweeter, as expected of White Chocolate. Toasting the biscuits before eating them make them even tastier as the chocolate melts in the biscuit while the exterior becomes crispy.

3. KitKat Cookies & Cream


You might have tried the quirky KitKat flavours. You might even have eaten toasted KitKats. But have you tried frozen KitKats? These Cookies & Cream KitKats require you to freeze them before eating them, bringing the KitKat experience to a whole new level!

4. Meltykiss Dark & Pyramid


Meltykiss chocolates are known for coming in cute, small cubes that are rich in flavour and extremely addictive. The Dark flavoured chocolate is no different, and will likely appeal to dark chocolate lovers. The Pyramid chocolate differs in that each chocolate is literally pyramid-shaped, individually wrapped, and filled with a lovely liquor flavour.

5. Lotte Bacchus Chocolate


If you fancy liquor in your chocolates, this chocolate as well as the Rummy flavour in the series is the one for you. Biting into this chocolate, the liquor in it literally flows out and fills your mouth.

As you can see, most of these snacks either have some liquor infused in them or are rich chocolaty flavours. Why? What better way to keep warm in winter than to stay indoors with a hot cup of tea and taste these snacks with flavours that will warm your body!

Most of these snacks have a 「冬季限定」 tag to them, meaning that they are a winter-limited-sweet. It isn’t fixed when these snacks appear on the shelves and when they are taken off them. Hence, do grab these snacks when you see them or they might not be around the next time you’re back!

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