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Japanese Sweets

Do you like sweets and desserts? In Japan, traditional sweets are called as “Wagashi”. The specialty of Japanese sweets is some of them used red bean paste as the main ingredient. So, don’t be shocked if you will find red bean in every Japanese sweet. With this article, I want to introduce to you the most delicious and the most well known Japanese sweets, that you must try! I hope that you love red bean as the main ingredient of them!


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Red bean is known as “Anko” in Japanese, and “Pan” means bun. “Anpan” is the abbreviation for “Anko Pan” which means Red bean filled bun. This bun is really well known among Japanese. You can find this kind of buns at every bakery shop in Japan. Surprisingly, Japanese also made the other kind of beans as for the filling, such as white beans, sesame, chestnut, and green beans, but the most well known one is the red bean filling one.


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This is the most well known sweet from Okinawa, Japan. Actually, this is not either a bun or mochi., but it is a small biscuit. It is made with flour and some sweet flavor. The most famous flavor of this biscuit is the “Yuki Shio” flavor. “Yuki” means snow and “Shio” means salt in Japanese. I recommend you to try this biscuit too when you have a chance to visit Okinawa, Japan.

Sata Andagi

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This snack is my favorite one. I can say that this snack is similar to doughnuts. The difference is this snack is crispier than doughnuts. The dough is made of mixed flour, sugar, and eggs. After they make the dough, they will deep-fry it and it is ready to eat it. This snack is also really well known in Okinawa.

Coffee Jelly

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Do you love to drink coffee? If you are a coffee-lover, I recommend you to taste this dessert in Japan. It is a mix of an alga jelly with sweetened coffee. I can say that I am a coffee-lover too, and this dessert is really delicious.


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Do you know about the most well known anime in Japan? If you have ever watched Dorameon during your childhood, I am sure that you will know about the Dorayaki. It is Doraemon’s most favorite snack. Dorayaki is a red bean pancake, which consists of two small pancakes wraped around the filling of sweet red bean paste.

Melon Pan

This is also one of the most popular sweets in Japan. Actually, it is also so popular in Taiwan, China, and Latin America.


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This sweet is made from flour, rice powder and buckwheat, and of course the red bean paste for the filling.

Imagawayaki and Taiyaki

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This snack is similar to Dorayaki, which is a round shape cake with the azuki sweet red bean paste inside the cake. I can say that all of you maybe know about “Taiyaki”. “Taiyaki” is a fish-shaped cake with the azuki sweet red bean paste. Actually, “Taiyaki” and “Imagawayaki” is the same. The difference is just the shape of that cake. Nowadays, there is not only red bean paste filling, but there are also so many flavors of “Taiyaki”, such as chocolate filling, matcha (green tea) filling, and etc.

At Last

I recommend you to try those kind of Japanese sweets when you have a chance to visit Japan. Those Japanese sweets are known as Wagashi in Japanese. Those Wagashi are really delicious that can make your tongue fly away!

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