Hashima or Gunkanjima - a Paradise? a Ruin? or HomeTown?

Well, if you have watched the Bond movie Skyfall and you must have had a glimpse of it!
Still, don't believe it? Seeing is believing, watch the video below:

Hashima, or Gunkanjima ("Battleship Island") as it later came to be known, is an abandoned island about 15 to 20 km away from Nagasaki prefecture. From an island boasting the most dense metropolis worldwide to an abandoned ruin of the present; this island has witnessed time in the true sense of the term. Ruin enthusiasts would love to explore it!

It is unbelievable to eye-witness a post-apocalyptic preview of our future from the rubble of the past. The remnants of monstrous concrete buildings within a maze of streets and staircases make it appear haunting and eerie, in addition to the waves breaking on the walls of the island, birds screaming, rats rattling in basements and doors slamming by themselves.

Curious to visit the island and see it for yourself? Check out the Gunkanjima Concierge.

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