A "Godburger"

Finding a Juicy Burger in Kanazawa

Food is definitely one of the highlights of traveling around Japan. Every region has its own specialty, whether it’s champon (a noodle based soup similar to ramen) in Nagasaki or takoyaki in Osaka. There is never any shortage of local delicacies to try. But what do you do when you need a break from Japanese food? It happens to all of us at one point or another when traveling, a craving for a taste of home. Maybe you decide to grab pizza only to discover that the toppings aren’t quite what you are used to. Even going to well-known Western chain restaurants can yield unexpected (although often times tasty) results.

While traveling around Japan there is a good chance that you will find yourself in the western city of Kanazawa for a day or two. Known as Little Kyoto, it’s connected to Tokyo by the Shinkansen and Kyoto by express train. Kanazawa is known for traditional Japanese culture as well as fresh seafood. After trying different types of Japanese food for a few days you might be craving something a little different. If you find yourself in that situation while in Kanazawa, The Godburger has you covered. You may have heard rumors about Japanese hamburger restaurants, that the burgers are small and not filling, but at The Godburger the opposite is true—these burgers are meaty and filling.

Godburger entrance

The owner opened The Godburger because there were no specialty hamburger shops in Kanazawa. There were cafes, chain restaurants, and fast food restaurants which serve hamburgers, but no real hamburger shops. Kanazawa was missing a place you could go and get a freshly prepared handcrafted burger. The Godburger fills that niche nicely.

The Godburger is conveniently located in Korinbo, near Nagamachi (also known as the Samurai District). This makes it a convenient place to grab lunch or dinner while sightseeing, shopping, or before hitting up the local nightlife. This restaurant is small but cozy, with a few small tables, one larger table, and a counter. The music is kept at a good volume, allowing for conversation if dining with family or friends. In addition to the burgers, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages are available.

The Godburger interior

The Godburger interior

The menu is built around a basic burger but don’t be deceived, these burgers are more than just a basic beef patty on a bun. To start with, the meat is fresh and charcoal grilled to juicy perfection. The patty and toppings are placed on a bun before being plated with French fries and pickles. Although ketchup and mustard are available, try the burger and fries without the condiments first. The burgers are full of flavor and the fries are just crispy and salty enough that they don’t need anything else.

Grilling a Godburger
Grilling up a burger
A "Godburger"
Plated up

The most popular burger on the menu is the avocado cheeseburger. This burger is topped with plenty of freshly prepared avocado. The flavor of the avocado pairs well with the beef patty and cheese. There is also a version of this cheeseburger with bacon. The flavor and texture of the bacon mix perfectly with the creaminess of the avocado. The owner has two favorites; the cheese fried egg burger and the b.b.q. avocado burger. And don’t worry if you’re vegetarian or your travel partner is because The Godburger has a vegetable burger on the menu as well. There is also a list of toppings you can add to customize your burger.

Avocado cheeseburger
Avocado Cheeseburger

I highly recommend you stop by The Godburger when you are in Kanazawa. Located at: Korinbo 2-12-10, Kanazawa. They are open everyday except Wednesday from 11:00-16:00 for lunch and 18:00-21:00 for dinner. They are non-smoking during lunch but smoking is permitted during dinner. Take out is available also. Prices range from 950–1500 yen (excluding tax and beverages).

Beverage selection at The Godburger
Window with a selection of beverages

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