Five of the Most Popular Ski Resorts in Hokkaido

One of the most fascinating things about ski resorts in Hokkaido is the fluffy and light powder snow. Their perfect snow reduces burden on the feet of skiers that these resorts are so perfect for those wanting to ski for consecutive days. It is also appealing that they are well equipped with gondola lifts and express lifts. These resorts are never too crowded even in the midst of peak ski season and you can ski comfortably.

Niseko Annupuri International Ski Area


The area is very popular for the novice skiers and families as it has a wide variety of courses including easier courses. There are many onsens around this area, so you can visit many onsens in the evenings following the skiing in the daytime. There are skiing lessons for foreigners available in this area.

Kiroro Snow World


This resort lies in the area blessed with great snow falls, and you will get the great satisfaction in terms of the quantity, and the quality of snow. Another noteworthy point on this resort is that there are a wide variety of courses catering various skiing skills. They have “Kids rooms” and “senior lounge” available within the facilities that every one of all ages can enjoy. They have skiing lessons for foreigners available in this resort.

Sapporo Teine


This ski resort is the closest one from Downtown Sapporo. From the peak at above 1,000m (3280ft.) sea level, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Sapporo-shi and Ishikari Bay. The novice course with a plenty of great powder snow and almost 6km (3.7mi)-long course is popular. They have a great variety of attractions for kids. They have skiing lessons for foreigners available with this resort.

Furano Ski Resort


This ski resort consists of two areas: Furano Zone, where you can enjoy the long course, and Kitanomine Zone, where you can enjoy a wide variety of courses. This resort is located in the inland area of Hokkaido, thus it offers the drier, quality snow. You can enjoy the breathtakingly panoramic view of mountainous regions extending below from the peak.

Rusutsu Resort


The resort has trails extending to three mountains: West Mountain, East Mountain, and Mount Isola. It is one of the biggest ski resorts in Hokkaido with its 37 courses, and the total length of 42km. The view from the peak of the most popular Mt. Isola is overwhelmingly beautiful. They have skiing lessons for foreigners available.

You can choose the ski resorts depending on your skiing skills and your preference. There are shuttle bus services available from the gateway of Sapporo, Shin Chitose Airport.

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