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Experiencing Purikura

Do you love taking photo booth with your peers? Taking some photos to make special memories with your beloved girlfriend/ boyfriend? I recommend you to take an amazing photo booth in Japan. It will be such an interesting experience when you visit Japan with your girlfriend/boyfriend. In Japan, they called photo booth as “Purikura”. The word “Purikura” is from two words, “Purinto”, which means print and “Kurabu”, which means club. So, “Purikura” literally means print club. I thought that all of the countries have their photo box, or photo booth. Luckily, you will find totally different style of photo booth that you can have in Japan. In my own country, there are also so many photo boxes, or photo booth, but I can say that the photo booth in Japan is amazing and cool. So, with this article, I want to introduce you the coolness and the cuteness of “Purikura”.



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Purikura was introduced to Japanese arcades in the mid 90s. Because of its popularity and its cuteness, Purikura becomes so famous not only for Japanese but also for foreigners too. The first Purikura is different with Purikura nowadays. Now, Purikura has so many features to edit your photos to look cuter, brighter, and funnier. You can add heart sticker, sparkles, cute saying, romantic sayings, and etc. No wonder that it became so popular in Japan.


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Don’t get shock if you find that some of Purikura in Japan do not let you to use it for men parties only. At least, there is one woman who accompanies you. Isn’t it such an interesting thing?



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I have tried this “Purikura” for many times with my girlfriend and friends. What I can say? It is really hot and amazing. Our faces will be really beautiful, with big eyes, small lips, and etc. Isn’t it really interesting? Not only that, but you will feel the hotness inside there. You need to change your pose, change our position to make a good photo, and etc. Because of that, you will feel the hotness inside the photo box. The next interesting thing is the editing time.


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You can add many stickers to your photo, such as cute stickers, good saying stickers, and etc. There is time limit too for adding stickers to your photos. So, you must do it as quickly as you can, which that means “Hot”. For me it is such an interesting experience just for taking a photo booth with your girlfriend/ boyfriend, and friends.



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It is the amazing photo booth in Japan, which is known as “Purikura”. I recommend you to try this “Purikura” when you have a chance to visit Japan. It is really easy to find these “Purikura” at every prefecture in Japan. The easiest way to find this amazing photo booth in Japan is to visit any arcade games. They usually have a corner for “Purikura”. As I said before, it is better to go there with at least one woman. Try the coolness, cuteness, and the amazing times for taking your photo booth in Japan.

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