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Enjoy Winter at Gifu! Top 5 Travel Spots!

Come winter and Gifu is covered in snow. The snow cover transforms Gifu into a surreal landscape. Get the best of Gifu this winter at five of the best travel spots.

Historic Village of Shirakawa-gō


Photo: Toshihiro Gamo on Flickr

Watch the Winter Light-up at night, an event that takes place on weekends in February every year. The houses in this village were constructed with a unique handmade technique called gasshō-zukuri; it was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1995.

Very Popular Hot Spring “Gero Onsen”

Gero Onsen
Photo by Suikotei on Wikimedia Commons.

The Gero Onsen is among the most famous hot springs in Japan. It is ranked among the “3 Most Famous Japanese Hot Springs” in addition to the Arima Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen. Warm-up your body to the core at the Gero Onsen, while being surrounded by the pristine snow.

Illumination in Kiso, Three Rivers Park



Spend a romantic evening this February at Japan’s largest state-run park, which spans over three prefectures, including Aichi, Gifu and Mie. More than 500,000 electric bulbs stringed together into a dynamic festival of lights. Perfect atmosphere, for a proposal.

Gifu Castle



For those of you interested in photography. This is the place to be. The Gifu Castle looks pristine covered in snow with the crystal blue sky in the backdrop. The beauty of the landscape will make you click photographs, involuntarily. This castle was constructed in the Sengoku era of medieval warlords, when a military general named Oda Nobunaga took over the mammoth task of unifying the whole country under a single empire.




The traditional “old-fashioned” buildings preserved in this district are worth a watch. While the snow falls gracefully on a quiet night, would you like to walk around the streets and enjoy Japan’s history and culture?

Gifu, has many attractive places where you can experience Japanese winter. This winter let's make wonderful memories at Gifu!

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