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Enjoy the spectacular views from Mt. Moiwa in Sapporo!

Mt. Moiwa is located around 30 minutes from the Sapporo city center. It is a highly recommended sightseeing spot with both views of nature and the vast cityscape of Sapporo from atop the observatory.



Highlighting 'environmental conservation' and 'accessibility' the Morris Car (mini-cable car) provides a spectacular aerial view of the Nature Footpath winding along Mt. Moiwa, on its way up.


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Something appealing about Mt. Moiwa is its easy accessibility in Hokkaido, within 30 minutes from the Sapporo city center. The mountain is said to inhabit innumerable flora and fauna of Hokkaido.


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From the Mt. Moiwa observation deck, you can steal a date with your partner on the observation deck while you sip coffee at the nearby coffee shops, overlooking the grid-shaped Sapporo city. Famous for night views, Sapporo city appears as a sea of light glimmering in colorful neon lights. But daytime panoramic view ectends from the Ishikari Bay along the Ishikari plain to the Yubari mountain range and Mt. Eniwa. Tourists visit this place for both the day and night time views.



Mt. Moiwa is also popular with a trail that begins at the base of the mountain. It has five courses and is a newbie-friendly trail and accessible to everyone.


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PhotoMIKI Yoshihito on flickr

The Hillside station has a souvenir shop. Mt. Moiwa’s original mascot character goods are very popular here.

Mt. Moiwa is a sightseeing spot that has been attracting many tourists both from within and outside the country. The views from the summit is splendid and breathtaking so, next time you're in Sapporo do scale up atop this one.

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