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Enjoy Tasty Sake in Tokyo

A number of sake-related events are organized in Tokyo. The following is a list of popular events where you can try a variety of sake.

Shibuya Sake Festival

Shibuya’s largest sake event Shibuya Sake Festival is held at Miyashita Park around October every year. The annual event offers over 100 different types of sake coming directly from 24 sake breweries around the country.
You can enjoy not only a shot of sake, but also other unique sake beverages such as sake-based cocktails and liqueurs in the popular town.

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The annual event Wakate-no-Yoake (Dawn of Newcomers), where the next generation of Japan’s sake breweries provides premium sake, was held for the 15th time in October 2014. 31 young sake brewers from all over the country, from Aomori to Oita, passionately served their original sake and only four varieties were selected as possible “kings of Japanese sake”.

Brewers are introducing their sake brands here on YouTube

Young enthusiastic brewers from famous local breweries such as Kikuzakari Sake Brewery (Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture) and Hagino Shuzou (Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture) might pour a glass of sake for you. Please remember buying a ticket before it’s sold out if you want to visit the event next year!

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IWC’s Official Sake Tasting Event in Japan



IWC (International Wine Challenge) is the world’s largest annual wine competition, which has a category for sake as well. You can taste winner varieties of sake at the tasting event including IWC 2014’s Champion sake Jukusei Koshu Hidanohana Suiou produced by Hirata Shuzojou in Gifu Prefecture.

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Shizuoka Local Sake Festival in Tokyo

Shizuoka Prefecture is well-known for its variety of local sake using premium natural spring water. The annual event Shizuoka Local Sake Festival in Tokyo is held at Josui Kaikan in Hitotsubashi and last year, 18 breweries served their sake brands.

Please keep in mind that tickets sell out quickly every year; so don’t miss it next year!

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Do you like sipping sake with sushi? Then join these events and discover your favorite type of sake!

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