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Coco Ichi Curry House

Coco Ichi Curry House is also known as Ichibanya in Japanese. This curry house is the most well-known in Japan. There are also many shops in other countries, such as United States, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Philippines. There are about 1177 stores of Coco Ichi Curry House in Japan. So, let’s learn more about this restaurant and its menus.

Japanese Curry

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Have you ever eaten Japanese curry? It is different from the Indian style curry rice. It is known that it was actually introduced into Japan by the British Navy. The most important difference is that Japanese curry don’t have coconut milk inside. Curry powder is used for making it. In Japan, curry is known as “Men’s dish”. For all Japanese men, at least it’s better to learn how to make curry rice than making other dishes.


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What is the menu of curry house? Of course, curry! It is very simple to order it, and you can also customize to your liking. At first, you should decide on the choice of meat, seafood, or vegetable. After you select it, you should choose your curry sauce. For the curry sauce, you can choose between pork, beef, or hashed beef. Next, you can choose the quantity of the rice. The options are 200 gr, 300 gr, 400 gr, 500 gr, 600 gr. The next thing is the most important one! You can choose the spice level! There are 10 spicy levels. At last you can add additional toppings to your curry rice, such as garlic, cheese, and etc.

That is your own customized curry rice!

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Not only that, but you can also buy the curry powder of this Coco Ichi Curry House. Because they also sell it for public too, you can buy it and make it by yourself at your home. Please note that they only sell the curry powder, for the toppings, you should buy on your own and customize it.

My own experience


I love curry, and I love various styles, Japanese style and Indian style. The most interesting experience I had is when I tried the level 10 of Coco Ichi curry rice. Because I really love spicy foods, I thought it should be okay to try the level 10 of it. Not only that, but also Japan food is known as being not so spicy. Japanese people always say that the food is really spicy, but it is really okay for me. So, I just ordered the level 10 of this curry, and what I found was really unbelievable!

It was really spicy!!! My tongue and my throat burned! It was not spicy because of chili but because of pepper, so that is why I got burned. For all of you who love spicy foods, I am not recommending the level 10 of this curry. Level 5 should be okay!

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