Celebrate Children's Day at Tokyo Tower

333 koinobori, or "carp streamers", will be displayed at the base of Tokyo Tower to celebrate Children’s Day.


Ahead of Children’s Day on May 5th, Tokyo Tower with a height of 333 meters is displaying a total of 333 koinobori, and a 6-meter sanmanobori ("saury shaped streamer")at its main entrance.

The giant sanmanobori, with a full length of 6 meters, is flying with numerous carp streamers in various colors. The combination of a group of colorful streamers “swimming “ up in the air , Tokyo Tower’s red steel frames and the blue sky is now one of the popular attractions around this time of the year in Tokyo. Be sure not to miss the dynamic view of this seasonal event!


●Display schedule
From Friday April 3rd until Wednesday May 6th (substitute holiday)

● Display times: 24 hours

● Location: at the main entrance of Tokyo Tower

The wires suspending numerous koinobori are lit up in seven colors in the evening from 17:50-23:00.

Website (in English)http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/eng/index.html

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