Capsule series of Conventional folk toys inspired by traditional crafts

SALE of new series of Capsule Toys!!

Traditional folk toys and figures made with conventional Japanese folk-toy motifs being sold by "Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten", founded in 1716 as the "Miniature Traditional Folk Toy Collection Company" in Japan.

The first series, launched at the end of October consists of 8 different types; traditional folk toys from 7 prefectures and 1 original toy. This series was conceived keeping in mind the fast-disappearing traditional folk toys. Add to this, accessing these traditional toys from a capsule vending machine will instill a sense of pure joy for all.


Capsule toy vending machines are popular not only among kids but adults too. The traditional toy figures are gaining back their presence within Japanese culture via the vending machines.

Try the unique experience of playing with traditional Japanese folk toys for only JPY 300.

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten

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