A Free App for Movie Location Trips in Tokyo

With the growing popularity of filming location trips to rediscover the culture of Tokyo, the free app TOKYO LOKETABI , which literally means "Tokyo Location Trip", has been released. It provides extensive information on where famous movies, TV drama series and animated cartoons were filmed. The service is available in five different languages.

Main features

● Just by putting a film title or area, you can find information on where some famous movies were filmed in and around Tokyo.
● Maps can show you the location, distance to the site and the best route to get there.
● Location information includes interesting details related to the director and casts in the film, and its nearby attractions.
● A useful tool for video producers to find filming locations.

Movies included are:

“Big Hero 6”, “ It’s tough being a man”, “Always: Sunset on Third Street 2”, “Lesson of Evil”, “Kabukicho Love Hotel”, “Tada’s Do-It-All House”, “Lost In Translation”, “Amachan”, “Hanzawa Naoki”, “Galileo”, “Nodame Cantabile”, “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, “Ultraman Ginga”…
(The titles above are a part of the line-up, as of 27th March 2015. Content will be updated on as needed basis.)


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