5 Tasty Restaurants in Gifu to Munch on Sweets

Japan has so many amazing foods to sample, but you would be missing out if you didn’t check out the Japanese dessert world. Being a self-diagnosed chocoholic myself, I have been sampling many Japanese sweets and here are some of my favorite places in Gifu!


Sweet dangos with different flavored pastes.

Perfectly molded, grilled, and flavored dango is what you will find here. Just in case you have never had dango, it is similar to a dumpling, but it is made out of rice flour. At this café, you can sample 8 different flavors of dango, along with Japanese matcha tea. They serve sweet and savory flavors including: black sesame, soy sauce, sakura red bean paste, matcha and more. When you step into the café, the décor takes you back to traditional Japan. It is very charming! Because there are so many dango to try, be sure to bring your appetite.

Sweets Studio éF

Gifu Sweets Ef

While Japan has plenty of cake shops, this place is hard to beat. It is my favorite bakery in Gifu because their flavors and textures never disappoint. They always have a variety of flavors to choose from. My personal favorites are their strawberry shortcake and strawberry tarts. Do you notice a theme? They also have some amazing strawberry parfaits. If cakes aren’t really your thing, they also have the perfect crispy cream puff with an amazingly creamy custard filling.


Gifu Sweets Tohen
Cat manju. This and other cute-shaped manju treats.

My all-time favorite cute treats in Gifu have to be the cute cat manjus from Tohouen! I strolled upon this shop by chance in Takayama. I fell in love with them the moment that I saw them! They have several flavors, none of which disappoint, but I prefer the typical red bean filling! They sell them wrapped up in packages, or as singles. I recommend buying plenty to take home!


Gifu Sweets Yuamiya
Hot pudding heated in hot spring water.

Hot pudding—it is not the first thing that typically comes to mind when most people think of their favorite sweets. But this place, nestled in Gero, has really found their niche. You can soak your feet in a soothing footbath, and then grab some of their amazing, hot pudding. The pudding is actually heated by the hot spring water!!! (It is separated from the baths, so no worries.) They sell both vanilla and chocolate! I really recommend trying this out on a chilly day!

Gifu Sweets Yuamiya

Chayoukan Masala

Gifu Sweets Chayokan
If waffles are more your choice, come try them at Chayoukan Masala.

Japan seems to have an abundance of pancakes, but not so many waffles. It breaks my heart. While they are pretty similar, personally, waffles are my go-to. So, listen up fellow waffle lovers, you need to head to this café. Their waffles are a lovely balance of soft, crispy and light. Plus, their toppings are to die for! I highly recommend the apple cinnamon waffle, but they are all amazing!!! Beware that they will fill you up quick though!

During you travels in Gifu, check out some of the sweets that are around. You will find some hidden gems that are different than what you can find in the city. From one sweet lover to another, I promise, you will not be disappointed!

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