5 Souvenir Tips at Don Quijote

Don Quijote is known as a very popular shop chain in Japan, where you can buy anything from food, souvenirs and electronics, often at more discounted prices than other places. Don Quijote is also known to sell many strange items making a very fun shopping trip. We have gathered some original souvenirs and money saving souvenir tips for purchases that you can make in Don Quijote.

1. Anime or Japanese Food Themed Socks

A wide variety of discount socks are available at Don Quijote.

Socks are so popular in Japan, so much so that you can find specialized sock shops everywhere. Don Quijote is no exception catering to the sock craze, here you’ll find the strangest socks at great prices. Here there are a wide variety of socks with your favorite anime characters, or your favorite Japanese food, a huge range are available at Don Quijote at many different sizes. These socks usually come with an additional discount when you buy more than one pair.

2. Hanko — Personalised Seal

Typical Japanese Hanko Seal. Photo by Barry Silver on Flickr

Don Quijote shops around Japan have their own hanko vending machines, where you can make a personalized Japanese name seal. Type in your name in either alphabet or Japanese letters, and make a hanko in a matter of minutes. The cheapest option starts at ¥500, but the hanko vending machine also has other price ranges and sizes, if you want a hanko for your bank or documents needs, or as a great souvenir. Read more about making your own hanko here.

3. Matcha Souvenirs

Photo by Tjeerd Wiersma on Flickr

Matcha products of good quality are usually overpriced at department stores, but Don Quijote has a huge variety of matcha souvenirs at really competitive prices. Whether it is the green powdered tea, green chocolate or matcha KitKats, Don Quijote has it. Not only will you find different powdered teas, but the chain has many matcha flavored products ranging from noodles, chocolates/sweets as well as tea brewing utilities. The matcha products at Don Quijote are usually sold in their own part of the shop, so look for the matcha corner of the shop. Although you can buy some matcha products at 100 yen shops, the amount of items are limited there, so visiting Don Quijote for this purpose is a good idea.

4. Fuji Instax Products

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns on Flickr

Instax cameras are really popular all over the world, but buying these products in Japan will save your a lot of money. Often priced cheaper than other electronics shops in Japan, Don Quijotes low priced cameras and paper, make the shop your first option if you want to bring Instax products home from Japan. Remember that DQ gives you a tax free discount on purchases over ¥5000, so you can save additional money if you take your desired camera purchase here.

5. Yukata

Male and female kimono. Photo by Danny Choo on Flickr

The traditional Japanese summer attire in cotton material is well sought after, and Don Quijote offers starting packs from around ¥3000. Mostly available in the summer until autumn parts of the year, you will find many different types of sets. One size fits all, so buying a yukata set (that includes the robe and the ribbon) is a great and original souvenir idea for someone back home. Sets are available for both males and females, but yukata shoes will have to be bought separately.

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