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5 Places to Get Great Food in Okinawa

After having visited Okinawa twice I would like to present my TOP 5 eateries you should check out when visiting the island.

1. Paikaji – Enjoy Okinawan Foods While Listening to Sanshin Music

Paikaji is popular izakaya chain in Okinawa. They have several stores on the island but also two in Tokyo and one in Saitama. Here you can get all the Okinawan foods that you are looking for from taco rice, to goya chanpuru, to Okinawan soba. On most days they also have live music, and you can listen to Okinawa folk songs played on the Sanshin, a traditional Okinawan musical instrument.

2. Jet Sweets – Instaworthy Parfaits In A Nice Location

If you like sweets, this is a place that should be on your schedule. Jet Sweets in Okinawa City has very artistic parfaits and a very stylish interior. It is the perfect place to take some Instagrammable photos.

They have 3 kinds of parfaits you can choose from that change periodically. Using local ingredients like mangos and sweet potatoes grown in Okinawa makes the parfaits not only nice to look at but tasty as well.

3. King Tacos – The Origin Place of Taco Rice

Taco rice is a popular dish you can get in almost every restaurant in Okinawa nowadays. But where did the trend start? The fast-food chain King Tacos, in particular, the shop in Kin Town is said to have invented the dish so they can offer the American soldiers stationed in Okinawa a cheap but filling dish. The shop in Kin Town is mainly for takeout but they also have a few chairs where you can sit down to enjoy your meal. Here you can taste the original taco rice and for only 700 Yen you get a dish that is more than filling.

4. Manhattan Roll Ice Cream – Ice Cream That Looks Like Crepes

This small food stall located on the back of the Don Quijote on Kokusai Street offers a very unique ice cream. If you see photos you might think it is crepes, but it is definitely an ice cream dish. They have a special technique that lets them spread out the ice cream on a plate and roll it up. For the finish, it is topped with a lot of yummy toppings. You can choose from several different flavours that all look very tasty. On the picture above you can see the Green Tea Oreo dish.

5. Penguin Bar Okinawa – Dining with Penguins

At the Penguin Bar in Okinawa, you can dine while enjoying the company of penguins. They have a large aquarium in the one corner of the bar where they have 3 penguins. You can take pictures and videos of them as long as you don’t use flash. They also allow you to experience feeding the penguins. As for food, they have mostly Italian and some Okinawan dishes on their menu as well as a wide variety of drinks. The food is a little on the expensive side, but they have several course menus that include all-you-can-drink which are priced very reasonably.

I hope you found some place you want to check out on your next trip to Okinawa.

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