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5 Advanced Tips: How to Be Popular at Karaoke Parties

With my two previous articles, I have explained some basic tips on enhancing your Karaoke experiences as well as some Dos and Don’ts when you go to karaoke here in Japan. However, for the seasoned karaoke-goers, those tips were probably the basic of the basics, the tip of the iceberg, the first layer of the croissant.

Today, I would like to share some advanced level advice. These are tips that would not only help you join in the party better, but they will make you a bigger part of the whole session. Not only would you be welcomed to every karaoke party from then on, others would make sure they invite you to ensure the karaoke session a success. It will require some skills on your end too, but these 5 social tips will make you a popular choice to be invited for karaoke parties.


1. Be a Karaoke master (or bring one along)

The purpose of karaoke is ultimately having fun through music, so if you are a karaoke master, you would automatically be one of the top choices when others think of who to invite. To be considered a karaoke master, they should have the traits of the following:

  • A great singer overall
  • Has a diverse range of songs of various genres and time periods to perform
  • Knows a wide arrange of songs that “fits the mood/crowd”
  • Displays passion for karaoke

The goal is to make others associate you with karaoke so having you there is almost automatic. “We’re going to karaoke? Let’s call Jackson up too because that is his favourite thing!” If you can’t or don’t want to put in the effort, just make sure you know one of these people so you can tag along when your friend is invited.

2. Sing for vs. Sing with

Another way to make sure you’re invited would be if others often request for you to sing, and there are two different ways of this happening: sing for, and sing with.

Your friends might request for your singing to sing with you. Perhaps they aren’t confident in the particular songs. Maybe you can support the singer by taking on the second vocal, the rap, or the harmonizing.

Your friends might also request for your singing when they want to hear a specific song that only you could perform a certain way. Perhaps you nail the requested songs perfectly, maybe you tackle the song differently from anyone else, or possibly they just love the way you sing the song.

Either way, having others request you for songs regardless of the reason is to have others depend on you if they want to enjoy particular songs, and definitely an effective way to get you invited.

3. Lead the flow

Even if you aren’t a strong singer, you can still lead a karaoke session by controlling the flow. This would require you to take initiative in various ways. Put in songs that everyone knows to change the mood of the room. Have everyone join in a song to bring the mood up. Request songs from others that match the moment to keep the atmosphere going.

To be able to do this will depend on how well you can read the mood of the room and other people, and how well you utilize your arsenal of “key songs” to put in at the right time to switch the themes up. If you can take leadership and create a good flow for a session, others would love to have you there to take charge of their karaoke parties too.

4. Perform “new” songs


Although you can’t run a good session if you only sing songs that no one knows, it is also crucial to perform new songs once in a while. These new songs might be the trending music, classics before their generation, or songs you sing on purpose for others to learn and steal for themselves to sing in the future. Having a new selection each time would not only make it more interesting for others, your friends would feel like they are gaining something by going to karaoke with you, thus making you a hot commodity for karaoke parties.

5. Surprise them


My last tip of the day is to try and surprise your fellow karaoke-goers. This can be accomplished in many different ways: your song choices, the snacks you bring to share, the games you start at karaoke, maybe even the way you act when you’re on the spot. Becoming the element of surprise and keeping yourself interesting each time you go karaoke so others won’t ever find you boring. Instead, they will always be looking forward to seeing what the next wonder is that you will bring to the party.

Karaoke is a very dynamic social event. Each session is drastically different from others based on who is there, when you are there, and the mood of each person. However, as I have mentioned earlier, I believe that the ultimate purpose of karaoke is to have fun, and these tips will make sure that you’re a fun one to karaoke with. Others will want you to be there to make the karaoke session even more fun. I hope that these tips gave you some new thoughts for your next karaoke session. Have fun, sing strong, and I wish you the best of luck and skills for your next and every karaoke party on.

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