Writer: Winnie Patricia Sagum

Winnie was raised and born in the Pampanga, Philippines. She first stepped in the Japanese soil about 6 years ago and is currently living in Kanagawa Prefecture. 

She loves to read, draw and paint in her free time. A food enthusiast and born with a sweet tooth, her favorite Japanese desserts are Dorayaki (Doraemon’s favorite snack) and Manju (ever heard of those? they are the best!). She just graduated this year from Sophia University Junior College Division. As a part-time student Winnie got an opportunity to work as a sponsor hospitality hostess during Rugby World Cup 2019. By meeting other people from different cultures all over the globe, Winnie got to tell her experiences and stories about Japan. 

This experience sparked her interest in discovering more to write and share about Japanese culture, language and art.

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