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Yurigahara Park in Sapporo

If you are coming to Sapporo for the first time there’s probably a lot on you to-do list, but an item that may or may not be on your to-do list is the hidden gem of a park; Yurigahara Park. Yurigahara park is a park located in the north district of Sapporo known as Kita-Ku. Yurigahara Park’s location might be the reason why it was missing from your Sapporo/Hokkaido to-do list. The nearest station is a JR station which is great because if you are staying in Sapporo the most likely place you’ll be staying is near a JR line which will take you to the park for a nominal fee. You will want to head towards the Sapporo JR Station to you guessed it the Yurigahara Station.

The best season to visit ideally is Spring because the flowers and plants here in Sapporo are really a beautiful thing to see. It is so colorful and breathtaking. I’m sure all of us have seen flowers and parks before but not like this!

Retro Tulips

You can also come to Yurigahara Park in other seasons such as Summer and still see the famous flowers that decorate the park, or you can also come in Fall and see the trees changing colors. Which is another site to see just as the flowers blooming! Winter is not ideal because the snow in Sapporo is deep,the park looks like a field of snow since everything gets buried. I actually discovered the park for the first time in Winter exploring my then new city on foot, and it was magical seeing all that snow, but there’s nothing to do and it’s really cold which is why I would not really recommend it!

Spring Sunset Flowers

Alright now that you’ve added Yurigahara Park to your to-do list (I hope so!) be sure to take a small bag and maybe some lunch too! The park is a whopping 25.4 hectare with approximately 6400 types of plants and flowers and the world famous lilies which feature 100 different types of lilies gathered throughout the world. There is also a train which runs through the park! It is so big you are sure to build up an appetite after walking around and exploring Yurigahara Park. After walking around and seeing all sorts of flowers, plants, and everything else the park has to offer you can join the many visitors and sit in the grass or a bench and have a picnic! If you have little kids and doubt you can still have a romantic one with your loved one don’t worry because the park offers a playground and a lot of space for young kids! There are always kids playing ball or on the playground. It is actually one of the most kid-filled places I’ve seen living here! Not that there is a surplus of kids everywhere; but remember the park is so big there is space for everyone to enjoy regardless of age! So be sure to go out, have fun and enjoy all of the smells, colors, and beauty of nature.

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