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Winter Star Festival - A Valentine Event 100m above ground on the Observation Deck, Kyoto Tower

Kyoto Tower Co. Ltd. is holding a Valentine's Event named “Winter Star Festival” at the Kyoto Tower. 100m above ground from February 1st to 28th, get ready to spend some memorable moments with your Valentine at the observation deck.

Tawawa-chan Ema (votive picture)

“Tawawa-Jinja” Shrine was established with our mascot as a motif on the Kyoto Tower observation deck at the end of 2014. Since it opened its doors to the public it boasts of welcoming about 40,000 visitors for a month. This is the first Valentine event for “Tawawa-jija” Shrine. The tower is situated in front of Kyoto station with high footfalls round the year and is apparently the closest to the Milky Way in Kyoto city.

The “Winter Star Festival” is an event to pray and celebrate the fulfillment in love. Making a wish on “Tawawa-chan Ema” and putting it on a golden bamboo to commemorate your affection for your loved one. All the Ema will be dedicated to Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine) for a better potent.

This year, upon innumerable enquiries from customers every year, a Valentine gift from Kyoto Tower mascot doll, Tawawa-chan to Tokyo Tower mascot doll, the Noppon Brothers will be revealed.

■Kyoto Tower Valentine Event Information
Date: February 1st (Sunday) ~ 28th (Saturday), 2015
Venue: Kyoto Tower Observation Deck on 4th Floor
1) Make a wish on Tawawa-chan Ema at a special Star Festival.
Entrance fee to the tower: 770 yen, Ema: 300 yen (incl. tax)
2) A good-luck crunchy chocolate will be given to customers who come to the Star Festival Spot. ※Only when Tawawa-chan appears between 2.05pm ~ 3.20pm and 7pm to 8pm on February 1st (Sunday), 7th (Saturday), 8th (Sunday), 11th (Wednesday) and 14th (Saturday).
※A memo pad (not for sale) will be given on the purchase of a box of crunchy chocolate (7 pieces, 600 yen) at the observation deck.

■Revelation of the Valentine Present
Date: February 11th (Wednesday - National Holiday) 2.05pm ~ 3.20pm
Venue: Kyoto Tower Observation Deck 5th floor


Tawawa-chan and the Noppon Brothers of Tokyo Tower mascot dolls have been friends since 2006. Tawawa-chan is going to give a Valentine present to the Brothers this year, too. She will visit Tokyo Tower with the present and hand it to the Noppon Brothers on February 14th.

■Kyoto Tower Observation Deck
Opening Hours:9:00am~9:00pm (Last entry 8:40pm)
Fee:Adult, 770 yen; High-School students, 620 yen; Secondary-School students, 520 yen; Infants 150 yen; Disabled 350 yen (all incl. tax)

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