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Walk through the White-walled Cityscape of Yanai, Yamaguchi Prefecture!

The white-walled cityscape of Yanai City at Yamaguchi Prefecture was renown as the “Wardrobe of the Iwakuni feudal clan” of the Edo period, with many remnants of merchant stores and old buildings.

Stroll around this picture story below and get introduced to Yanai.

Cityscape of the White Walls


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Imagining the bustle of the past explore the walks along the white walls stretching for over 200m, one of the main attractions of Yanai.

Garden of Muroya - Museum of Merchants & Mansions of the Wealthy



The Garden of Muroya opened as a resource centre, and used to be a residence of the Oda family who were large oil dealers about 300 year ago. It is believed to be the largest town house in Japan, which is approximately 0.65 acres.

Important Cultural Property, the Kunimori Residential Home



The Kunimori residential home is a merchant residence that was built in the late 18th century. It portrays the typical architecture of a merchant’s home from the Edo era.

Doppo Kunikida’s Former Residence



A former residence of Doppo Kunikida, who was a celebrated writer of the Meiji period. Doppo Kunikida spent a couple of years in his youth, here in Yanai. It now serves as a resource centre.

Kōdai-ji Temple



Kōdai-ji Temple commonly called the Wanwan Temple, was also associated with Doppio Kunikida. Next to the temple is Oka-no-Ue Park, famous for viewing cherry blossoms.

Yanai West Warehouse



Yanai west warehouse was used as a storehouse for soy sauce until the building was renovated. Presently it is converted to a workshop to give tourists an experience of various crafts.

Sagawa Soy Sauce Warehouse



Sagawa soy sauce warehouse makes sweet soy sauce, special as an Omeyage from Yanai. Don't forget to buy this as a souvenir, on your way back.

Willow and Well



The birthplace of Yanai. According to popular legend, if you drink the pure water from the well you will turn more beautiful, so please give it a try 🙂

Yanai Wellness Park - Have Fun with Children & Family



Enjoy ambling with your family, or let your children free at the playground nearby, or entertain yourself with sports based activities. Exploit the best of Yanai.

Seikyou Thatched Roofed House



Buddhist priest “Gessho” opened a private school, near the Myoen Temple at Yanai City, in the Tozaki district. The building still exists.
Enjoy the nostalgic feeling of Yanai's pristine white-walls.
While you explore the city, gradually the relaxed air will uplift you physically and mentally.
Visit at least once, if you happen to come to Chugoku region.

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