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Unforgettable Overnight Stay at Buddhist Temple on Mount Koya

Koya-san (Mount Koya) is Japan’s sacred mountain and holy place for Shingon Buddihists located in Wakayama Prefecture. Koya-san has become an increasingly popular touristic destination in recent years because of its unique temple accommodations. 52 temples out of a total of 117 temples scattered around the mountain offer accommodation called shukubo, where you can experience the traditional lifestyle of Japanese Buddhist monks, such as Japanese vegetarian cuisine and morning prayers.

Bath Facilities



You might imagine temple lodgings are not female friendly since those accommodation facilities were originally designed for monks. However, most of temple lodgings have adequate bath facilities for female guests.



Actually, there are two types of shukubo, depending on your preference. One is for beginners and the other is for the experienced. A variety of options is available as you choose your accommodation, some temples feature great bath facilities such as outdoor onsen baths (hot spring spa) and washlet toilets.

Shojin-ryori (Japanese Vegetarian Cuisine)


Photo: Andrea Schaffer on Flickr

Shukubo’s most popular feature among tourists is healthy Japanese cuisine using simple and low-fat ingredients; seasonal vegetables, grains, dry foods, beans, seaweeds, etc.


Photo: Andrea Schaffer on Flickr 

Shojin-ryori attracts people who follow a vegetarian diet because it usually uses meat-free ingredients. The Buddhist vegetarian cooking has various textured vegetable protein recipes.

Japanese Garden



How about experiencing Buddhist training or meditation while viewing a beautiful Japanese garden? The 1,660 square-meter Japanese garden at Tentokuin is designated as one of Japan’s Special Places of Scenic Beauty on Koya-san.

Plan your visit to Koya-san to experience the traditional lifestyle of Japanese Buddhist monks. Quiet your mind, eat clean…you might be regenerated through the trip!

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