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The Unique Japanese way

Everything in Japan is done in a Japanese way and I confess: I like it this way.

Behave a little like a Japanese, and you will win your own race. Would you like to know how to do it? Let me offer 5 characteristics of the Japanese way:

1. Modesty and Politeness

Modals matter and words are chosen carefully. I like this way of caring and respect to others. I like this way of living that reminds me of an old-fashioned love where flowers, hand written letters, looking in the eyes and a kiss on your forehead are the way to understand the deepest true love.

2. Full of Contrasts but Empty of Disputes and Disagreement

Kids and teenagers fight without fighting to stand up, to try new trends, to have their own way but at the end of the day, they follow the traditions without complaining because deep inside they know they share every belief.

3. Well Organized, on Time, Tidy and Clean

I am sure we all might agree that all of this is hard to achieve, however, in Japan, it happens everywhere: In public areas, in schools, in streets, in government buildings, on public transportation, in hospitals, in parks, in every home. This is the only way of understanding life.

4. Historical, Millennial, with a Purpose and a Clear Vision

Behaviors are not a casualty, they are a consequence of years of traditions and ancient beliefs which are present in every aspect of this society that is proud of its ancestors.

5. Hard Work and Perseverance

These values are not written in anyone’s DNA but are pushing strong from the Japanese cribs and with the example of the elders. Values and behaviors define us more than anything else and the Japanese people know it better.

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Everything in Japan is done in a Japanese way and here we are, the foreigners, trying to cope with the locals knowing that we have a challenging task ahead, both now and in the future. However, most of us who one day decided to move here to be part of this always perfectionist society, are in love with the idea of this unique way.

Being on the other side of the road while living here is only our choice. Behave a little like a Japanese and you will be helping yourself to enjoy it more and to understand it better. Behave a little like a Japanese and you might already start realizing that no one is more important than anyone else and if you care about others you will not need to care about yourself because someone else, a Japanese, is already doing that part.

Of course this is just a personal opinion and you may see it in a completely different way. Sometimes we live in the same environment and it seems that we live in opposite worlds. It happened to me before, it happened even with close friends and with people who were raised in the same place. I am sure it will continue happening. There are as many points of view as human beings. And that diversity is what I really appreciate and embrace. If you are living a different experience, please feel free to share it. I will love to hear all about it!

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