The Largest and Best Aquarium in Japan

Do you love to go to aquariums? If you like it, you should visit the largest aquarium in Japan, which is located in Okinawa. Its name is 美ら海水族館 (Churaumi Suizokukan). Suizokukan means Aquarium in Japanese. This aquarium is well known as the best aquarium in Japan too. The most popular attraction is the massive Kuroshio Tank (largest tank in the world).


Kuroshio Tank


This is the massive and the largest tank in the world. The name of this tank comes from the current sea flow in the Okinawa’s marine life, which Japanese people said it as Kuroshio Current. Can you imagine how big is it? Inside this tank, there are 3 huge whales, many manta rays, and other fishes too.

Teenage Mutant Turtles


You can see many turtles there : baby turtles, the teenager ones, and the parents too. Unfortunately, you cannot touch and pet the turtles.

Touch the Starfish


Feeling bored just looking at fish? You can do some interesting experience on the first floor, after the entrance. You can touch the living starfishes and seashells with your own hand. Try to find how is the texture of them? It will be such an interesting experience.

Scary Sharks


Feeling scared of sharks? Yes, I felt a little bit scary when I went to the sharks’ tank there. The sharks’ tank is located underground, which makes it looks darker.

Sea Learnings


Feeling satisfied after seeing the tanks? Let’s learn more about the sea then. In this place you can also learn so many things about sea and fishes, such as shark’s anatomy, dolphin’s anatomy, etc. There are also many figures that can help you easily understand their anatomy. It is such an interesting experience to know more about it.

Dolphin's Show


You can see the dolphin’s show outside the aquarium, which is held almost everyday there. Luckily, you can see it for free, without any extra additional charges.

At Last

I really love to go to aquariums, and I can say that this Churaumi Aquarium is really gorgeous. As I expected, I loved the Kuroshio tank, I loved taking photos of the Kuroshio tank with people’s silhouettes. Isn’t it really cool? The sharks’ tanks are also interesting, although I was a little bit scared. The other attractions are interesting too. So, I really recommend you to go there if you have an opportunity to go to Okinawa.

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