Pink wisteria hanging over the water

Tennogawa Park's Owari Tsushima Wisteria Festival

Cherry blossoms—They are well known and loved by many tourists in Japan, but not everybody can make it in time to see them. So, what do you do after the cherry blossoms fade? Fear not my flower loving friends, Japan has no shortage of beautiful flower gardens for you to visit!

A few weeks after the cherry blossom season ends, the wisteria season starts rolling in. Typically, the peak bloom is around the end of April or the beginning of May. Many tourists have seen the pictures of the iconic wisteria tunnel, which is located north of Tokyo, but there is a great wisteria garden located right in Aichi prefecture, too. Plus, by this time, allergies get better for most people, so you won’t have to worry about a pesky mask messing with your photos!

Foot bridge and pink wisteria hanging over the water

Tennogawa Park is perfect if you are visiting Aichi prefecture. It typically doesn’t get too terribly crowded and they have a wisteria festival, which means you can taste plenty of delicious festival food and play plenty of festival games! The festival food is pretty typical, yakisoba, ice cream, you name it!

Close-up of wisteria flowers against the blue sky

The festival runs for about two weeks. The main wisteria is hanging on top of the river, which makes for great pictures once some of the petals have fallen in the water. If you get the timing just right, the river looks like a bed of purple petals! There is an added bonus, if you stay all day: a night light up! Unfortunately, the day that I went got a bit too chilly, so I ended up going home early, but I can only imagine how beautiful the illumination is, so if you can, plan on staying!

Wisteria hanging over the water

The light up is until 9 pm, so I would recommend coming in the afternoon, take photos, have a picnic, and then enjoy the night light up. If you are a photography lover, I would stay for around 3–4 hours. If not maybe just 2–3. If you have children, there is a playground as well, so account for some time for them to get their energy out!

Fun note, near the beginning of the park, there is a small wisteria display. Do not be fooled! There are more! I am guessing there have been more than one person that has gone home early, mistakenly disappointed, because there are even signs in Japanese saying, “While this display is beautiful, it is not the main display. Please continue on and do not go home yet.” It even had me fooled until I noticed the sign. The second, and main display is about a 5-minute walk from the smaller display.

Sign in front of the small wisteria display

The entire event just has a really great atmosphere. There are people walking their dogs, families taking photos, local high school students working on drawing the flowers, and of course, photographers. This is a nice place to get out into nature and get a feel of what Japan is like out of the cities.

Lake covered in lily pads at Tennogawa Park
This is what you will first see when you stumble into the park. It is a lake that is covered in lily pads. Just beyond the red bridge is the smaller of the two wisteria displays.

Tennogawa Park and Wisteria Festival Details

The park itself is free, but if you go by car, parking is 800 yen. Tennogawa Park is as located a short 15 minute walk from Tsushima station. In other words, it is very accessible for anyone staying in Gifu or Aichi.

In 2019 the Owari Tsushima Wisteria Festival ran from April 20th until May 5th. Next year's dates will likely be announced around March, so be sure to check in advance!

For more information about the park, see the Aichi Now website.

Address: 1 Miyagawa-cho, Tsushima-City, Aichi Prefecture

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