Spontaneous and aimless trip on the railways to experience the local railways in rural Japan – Northern Kanto

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Local railways in rural areas offer something that cannot be experienced through those in the urban areas. You can enjoy the scenery of the mountains and rivers, and the landscapes of the countryside in a relaxed atmosphere. So, it’s nice to experience a spontaneous and aimless trip with the sole purpose of just traveling on the railways.

Hachiko Line
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The Hachiko Line was originally started as a railway connecting Tokaido area and Joetsu area by detouring around Tokyo Metropolitan area for the primary purpose of cargo transport. Although there are some tourist lines connected to The Hachiko Line, the line itself is a rather plain railroad line. As a matter of a fact, it is nice to enjoy the plainness of the line.

Chichibu Railway Line
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There are several renowned sightseeing spots including Nagatoro Gorge, Mt. Hodosan, and Mitsumine Jinja Shrine along the Chichibu Railway Line. The scenery from the bridge over the gorge is beautiful and you will be able to enjoy the relaxing train journey.

Joshin Dentetsu Line
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You can use Joshin Dentetsu Line to visit the newly designated World Heritage Site, Tomioka Silk Mill, and its related sites. Although they do not have many passengers, they hold various events and issue commemorative tickets.

Watarase Keikoku Railway Line
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In addition to torokko (trolley) trains on their line, Watarase Keikoku Railway operates some tourist facilities including, Mizunuma Station Onsen (hot spring) Center, and “Seiryu”, the train restaurant, offers anticipation for an exciting journey.

Tobu Kinugawa Line
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Along the Tobu Kinugawa Line, you will find some renowned tourist destinations including, Edo Wonderland, Tobu World Square, and Kinugawa Onsen. The line is entirely situated within Nikko-shi, there are some through trains from Tokyo being scheduled.

You may find the next destination while relaxing and experiencing the landscapes with rich nature that cannot be found anywhere in Tokyo.

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