Roppongi Hills Observatory Decks: Where You Can Get the WHOLE Picture of Tokyo

Roppongi Hills, in the Roppongi area of Tokyo, has long been a famous scenic spot for visitors. This skyscraper not only has museums and shopping malls, but also observatory decks for visitors to view the landscape of Tokyo. It’s an exciting sightseeing spot for those who love taking photographs. Don’t miss this great place if you have a chance to visit Tokyo next time!

Buy Tickets at the Counter

Before going up to these observatory decks, it is of essence for visitors to buy tickets at the information counter. Tickets sold there are only for Mori Art Museum and Tokyo City View whereas you have to pay additional fee for Sky Deck. The details will be introduced in the following paragraphs.


Tokyo City View – Observatory Deck

Situated at 52F, Observatory Deck is an indoor area for visitors to view the landscape of Tokyo. On the same floor, there is a café named as “The Sun & The Moon” for those who would love to enjoy having meals while glancing at the spectacular view. The views vary from daytime to the night time.


This is the view during daytime whereas the latter one is the view at night.


To me, the night view is more beautiful and I strongly recommend visitors go to Tokyo City View before sunset and wait until night so as to take better pictures.

Mori Art Museum


Situated at 53F, another observation deck with a spectacular view, Mori Art Museum is absolutely a paradise for art lovers. Please be noted that multifarious exhibitions will take place during different periods of time. Remember to check the details on its homepage beforehand.

Official Website

Sky Deck Rooftop Observatory Deck

Before entering Sky Deck Rooftop Observatory deck, visitors have to buy tickets from the vending machine.


For general public and students other than high school students, ¥500 per ticket is required. For children aged 4 and high school students, tickets cost ¥300 per person.

Owing to the security reason, visitors are required to place their belongings inside the lockers beforehand.


Be well prepared for ¥100 coin(s)! When you have finished using the locker, you can take the coin(s) back! Don’t worry!

After finishing placing your belongings, just take the elevator nearby and you can then head to Sky Deck Rooftop Observatory Deck!

After Taking the Elevator…


Located at the roof floor, Sky Deck Rooftop Observatory Deck is the highest outdoor observatory in Tokyo. There, visitors can experience and enjoy a panorama of the whole city. The views vary depending on daytime and night. In my opinion, views during night is more appealing and stunning. This is definitely a place you will want to bring a camera.


Points to note before getting there

1. Be aware of the weather
Sky Deck may be closed without notice owing to bad weather, such as rain, heavy fog or strong winds. Please pay attention to the weather forecast beforehand if you wish to go to Sky Deck.
2. Pay attention to Tokyo City View’s Working Hours:
Working hours are different for weekdays and weekends. Please have a check on Tokyo City View’s homepage before going there.

3. Bring a camera with you
People tend to use their smartphones taking pictures of the views. But, according to my experience, using camera is better, especially when you take pictures at night.

Don’t forget about this wonderful sightseeing spot when you come to Japan! Happy journey!

Address for Tokyo City View/Sky Deck:

Roppongi Hills Observation Deck, 52F/RF, Roppingi Hills Mori Tower

By Train: 0-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line to Roppongi Station Exit 1C

Roppongi Hills Official Site

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