[Photo Report]"Koedo Kawagoe"- Where the elements from Edo are well-preserved.

Kawagoe-shi is situated in the center of Saitama prefecture, but a bit closer to the direction of Tokyo, and within the 30Km radius from the center of Tokyo, and it is about 60-minute train ride away from Shibuya, one of the busiest areas of Tokyo.

The city had prospered as a castle town during Edo period, and people started to call it as Koedo, Edo (ancient name of Tokyo) in smaller scale, or little Edo, as it prospered just like Edo. There remain historical streetscapes from olden days as the city has managed to escape from the damages from war and earthquakes, and you can enjoy the Japanesque atmosphere there.

The area also lures many visitors from overseas as it was once covered by the New York Times.

Streetscape with a row of Kura, the old warehouse.



It’s nice to ride a rickshaw to go around the city.


Streets here are lined with shops selling wind chimes, statues of Buddha, chopstick rests, kitchen knives, and Japanese accessories.






If you get hungry while you are taking a stroll around the little Edo, why don’t you try sweets made of sweet potatoes!

”Imomanju,” a Japanese-style desert with sweet potato filling.



“Soft ice cream with sweet potato” is subtly sweet and the sweet flavor of sweet potato spreads inside the mouth.


Once I stepped my foot into a side street, there was a crowd in front of an amezaiku, candy sculpture, shop.


The shopkeeper gave me a straw after attaching a candy putty onto it, in exchange for 100 yen.



When I blew my breath into the candy putty.


Voilà! The candy putty has transformed itself as a sphere almost 10cm big.


Although I have made it to this far, what I do with the candy is.... to just bite, crush it and lick it...


There was a dagashi shop, a penny candy shops, not too far from the amezaiku shop.

Kawagoe is famous for dagashi shops, and they are popular among Japanese kids of all ages as you can purchase candies priced at very reasonably priced as low as 10 yen,


”Toki no Kane,” is one of Kawagoe’s landmarks. It chimes its bronze bell four times a day.


It only takes you about 3 hours to stake a stroll of the streets in Kawagoe.


Koedo Kawagoe
Address: 1-13-1 Motomachi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
E-mai: info@koedo.or.jp

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