Long foot bridge spanning a valley, with beautiful autumn colors

Perfect Hiking Courses for Autumn in Osaka

Autumn is indeed a great time to visit Japan! There are a lot of hidden gems here in Osaka for a soothing hike in search of Momiji (autumn leaves). The recommended time frame to catch the autumn colours in Osaka is mid-November to mid-December.

The following two recommended hiking courses left me with some unforgettable memories. Rare yet incredibly magnificent!

Autumn view of a Japanese farmhouse

1. Fumin no Mori, Hoshino Buranko

Fumin no Mori, Hoshino Buranko (府民の森, 星野ブランコ) is located in Katano-shi, just northeast of downtown Osaka. During the momiji season, the forest is filled with red and yellow leaves that leave a heartwarming sight.

Narrow hiking path

Before starting your journey, I suggest bringing a bento lunch and wearing proper hiking shoes! To get to Fumin no Mori, Hoshi No Buranko (府民の森, 星野ブランコ) there are two options: taking the bus from Kawachi-Iwafune Station that only has one time slot to and from the forest, or start your hike from Kawachi-Iwafune Station (around a 50-minute hike).

The hike leads to a magnificent view of the suspension bridge (Hoshi no Buranko 星野ブランコ) with a birds eye view of the wonderful fall colours the forest has to offer. The suspension bridge is huge and can hold many at once.

People walking across the foot bridge

Do take your time to breathe in the clean air and see the magnificent sights. Your senses will thank you for it.

Try out the abundant hiking courses available at Fumin no Mori (府民の森) and find yourself lost in the wonderful fall colours. Surprise yourself with the many beautiful sights of the suspension bridge and forest. Let the crisp, morning air and ambience bring comfort to you while you hike.

Stop by the rest area to have your lunch while mingling with the locals. A once in a lifetime experience if I may say so myself. You will get a great sense of community and respect filling the air as you rest.

2. Settsukyo Park

Settsukyo Park (摂津峡公園) is located in Takatsuki, north of Osaka, nestled between Kyoto and Osaka. Settsukyo Park is easily accessible by train and bus.

A rest hut and picnic tables with brilliant orange and red leaves on the trees

Take the Momiji (もみじ) hike and find yourself welcomed by the red Momiji leaves.

Sign for Momiji trail with brilliant red and yellow leaves in background
Red and orange fall colors lining the trail

As Settsukyo Park is known for its hiking courses, many locals hike together in groups, regardless if its the weekend or weekday. A strawberry Mochi is best eaten at the top of the hike as a reward, amidst the beautiful sight of the fall colours at the park.

Red Japanese maple trees at dusk

There are many hiking courses offered at Settsukyo Park other than the Momiji one mentioned above. Tired of the hike in the midst of the forest? No problem, take a relaxing stroll by the tarred roads with a different view of the autumn colours!

Cyclist riding on a road between bright red Japanese maples

Let the cool and refreshing air freshen you up as you hike through the park. The hike is a great recommendation for those who wish to have a relaxing day outside or clean your lungs with spectacular fresh air, accompanied by the greenery from the trees.

Why don’t you give these hiking courses a try during your visit here in Osaka?

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