Osawa Onsen, a hot spring in where you can experience the unspoilt landscape of Japan.

Osawa Onsen is located in an area 30 minutes away from the Hanamaki Station of the Tohoku Main Line to the west by bus.

This is an onsen village with a long history, which is said to be discovered by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro, a general in circa 800 AD, when he came to the current Tohoku region to conquer Emishi, people native to this region at that time.

Osawa Onsen is a large-scale onsen inn which consists of three inns, “Sansuikaku”, “Kikusuikan”, and “Jisuibu”, and each of three inns have unique characteristics.


“Sansui Kaku”

This is a newer inn which has been revamped in the 90’s, and it features a tranquil atmosphere. The rooms within the inn are rather spacious, and you will get your meals served in the comfort of your own room. The inn is very well equipped, and there is a private bath for the entire family use available upon reservation, thus you can stay at your ease even this is your first visit to Japan. There are three onsens, including the private bath, with this inn.



This inn features profound atmosphere with its exterior of thatched house which was built over 160 years ago. The landscape you can see from the retro-style windows suggests the landscape of the olden days of Japan. The meals are not served in the room, but served in the dining room with other guests. Bathrooms are not equipped in each guest room and you will be using the shared bathrooms that it may be difficult for you to deal with the environment there if you are not accustomed to the culture. It is, however, perfect for those who really want to experience the cultural aspects of Japanese inns. The bath there is made of wood which wodden scent will help you relax inside and out.



This inn is equipped with a communal kitchen, and guests can prepare their own meals. (You also have a choice to eat your meals at a diner located inside the inn.)

The lodging charges are calculated based on the summation where you are charged for what you have used. So, you can easily control your budget by bringing your own items like your blankets and dishes, whereas you can also rent all, so this is a perfect inn for those wanting to stay there for a long time. You can get in touch with experience very unique to Japanese inns, where people treasure once in a lifetime encounters with other travelers. This is an ideal inn for those experienced backpackers. The inn has three baths: its famous co-ed outdoor bath, along with two others.

These three inns are connected by little paths that you can try any of all seven baths (some baths are not available.)

We hope you have enjoyed this introduction to Osawa Onsen, one of the onsen inns which we would like you to visit if you are interested in Japanese onsen in good-old style.

・Official website (for reservation): http://www.oosawaonsen.com/
*The website is in Japanese version only


Address: 181 Osawa Yuguchi, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate Prefecture
Tel: +81-198-25-2021(from overseas) 0198-25-2021(from Japan)

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