Osaka International Peace Centre

Did you know that there is a museum located near Osaka castle? After strolling around the wide area of Osaka castle, don’t leave too early because you could enjoy a little more historical background of Osaka city at Osaka International Peace Centre. It’s a peace centre dedicated to the history of wartime Japan in memory of victims caused by the lethal damage of wartime period to the people of Osaka and serves as anti-war site to promote regional peace.

Photo : Kenta Mabuchi on Flickr

Osaka international Peace Centre, or often referred as Peace Osaka, was established in 1991. This Museum might not be as famous as other museum dedicated to war time history of Japan such as Atomic bomb museum in Nagasaki and Hiroshima but you could still learn more deeply about a lot of interesting facts and the untold history of Osaka City during the World War period which are rarely found in the history books, it might surprise you how damaging the war is to Osaka city.

The roof’s shapes of this building is connected to each other which symbolize the belief that even though there are the differences in societies around the world but we can coexist in unity and peace by respecting the diversity of historical and cultural background among us.

Three Exhibition Hall of this museum has its own unique feature with a lot of war artefact, diorama, and documentary videos about the horror of World War II in Japan and other countries. Each exhibitions serves different pieces of history during the wartime Japan, especially Osaka city such as the daily life of people during the war, the history of Air raid aftermath in Osaka, the terror of atomic bomb during the cold war, and special exhibitions of Auschwitz concentration camp.

1. Exhibition Hall A: Osaka Air Raid Aftermath


In Exhibition Hall A, there are a lot historical exhibitions which all of them dedicated as a remembrance of Osaka Air Raid terror during World War II.


For me, this is the most unique piece of exhibitions in this Hall. This diorama shows the aftermath damage in several Osaka city busiest district that caused by Air Raid attack on March 1945. What makes it unique is the way this diorama being placed inside the floor with a glass frame, it makes you literally stand on this piece of history with your feet.

Air Raid Documentary videos

There are three large monitors that plays documentary videos about the record of large scale air raids on Osaka city.

War Artefacts

War Artefacts collection from the Aftermath of Air Raid on Osaka are also one of the interesting fact which showcase the remembrance of daily life things in wartime Japan, such as a watch saved from flames, melted coins, half burnt bills, and so on as the proof of the damage caused by the Air Raid.



Living Room of private house model in Osaka

Press record hall showing important collection of war documents and several source of press record such as newspaper, pamphlet, and articles during the wartime.



Toki no Niwa

This is a space which is located outside of exhibition Hall A. Dedicated as a site to remember the soul of Air Raid victims in Osaka.

2. Exhibition Hall B, The Terror of 15 year war (Jugonen War)


Less artefacts are being shown in exhibition Hall B, there are a lot of war documentary collection such as photography and videos which highlighted the terror and casualty of 15 year war in the Asia pacific region.


Mini theatre for screening the brief history of Asia Pacific 15 year war.

3. Exhibition Hall C, Aspiration Room

The last exhibition hall is called the Aspiration Room, it’s full of anti-war related collection such as wide collection of famous world leaders and anti-war activists photograph accompanied by their famous quote written on it. The purpose is to spread the spirit of promoting peace around the world and to condemn the inhumanity of war. There is also a big board which are available for visitors who are willing to share their message of peace.

4. How to Get Here?

If you just spend your time from strolling around Osaka castle area, it only takes 5 minutes by walking from the south gate of Osaka castle to get here or if you took train make sure to get off at Morinomiya station on Tsurumi-Ryokuchi lines.

Address: 〒540-0002 2-1 Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Closed: New Year holiday (28, December – 4, January), National Holiday, and last day at the end of each month. The museum will be closed until April 2015 due to renovation of the building
Entrance Fee: FREE!!
Inquiries: Tel (06-6947-7208), Fax (06-6943-6080)

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