“Onsens” that you should not miss within this lifetime – Tokyo

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Japan boasts of an extensive volcanic landmass scattered with underlying hot springs. Onsen spa facilities have been built harnessing the abundant natural hot spring resources. Here, one can experience the pleasures of healing from weariness and relaxation from the long journey.
Mentioned below are well-known Onsens, that are easily accessible from Tokyo.


Oedo Onsen Monogatari

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Photo:Sergey Vladimirov Foot Bath of Ooedo Onsen Monogatari on flickr

An all-inclusive Onsen spa facility that draws natural hot spring water from about 1400m (4593ft.) below the ground. There are indoor and outdoor baths, Ashiyu or foot bath and sauna facilities, too. You can also enjoy food and drinks at the restaurants provided within the facilities. Some of them also include gaming and entertainment facilities.

Photo by Kakidai on Wikimedia Commons.

Spa LaQua

At Tokyo Dome City, you will find another lavish Onsen spa facility that draws the amber-colorer natural hotspring from 1770m (5577ft.) below the ground. This Onsen is beneficial for healing poor circulation, stiff shoulders and fatigue. In addition to this it also includes female-only area with different sauna options.


Ryogoku Yu-ya Edoyu

Photo:Etsuko Nakamura Edoyu, Ryogoku, Tokyo on flickr

A unique Japanese touch is observed in the mosaic tile murals of ukio-e within the indoor baths. One can try the co-ed ganban-yoku, bedrock bath, which emits infrared rays and negative ion by wearing the robes provided by the facility.


Toshimaen Niwano-yu Bade and Natural Onsen

Photo:Abasaa (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is another comprehensive onsen spa facility that draws natural hot spring from 1445m (4740ft) below the ground, and features a beautiful Japanese garden of impressive 1200 tb (nearly 1 acre). There is a zone to enjoy the indoor and outdoor baths, and is a co-ed zone to enjoy the pools, natural hot spring Jacuzzi with bathing suits on.


Oshiage Onsen Daikoku-yu


This sento public bath founded in 1949 is also an onsen with alkalescent hot water believed to have anti-aging benefits. There is an indoor bath which features the mural of Mt. Fuji, sauna, as well as an outdoor bath where you can enjoy bathing while viewing Tokyo Skytree.


Yamato-no-yu, Narita-no- Inochi-no-Izumi


This is an onsen spa facility where you can enjoy as a day trip from Tokyo, and this onsen allows those with tattoos to bathe. They also have private outdoor Bath w/private room available with reservation. In addition, you can enjoy Japanese food at the facilities as there is a sushi bar inside.
There are a wide variety of onsen cultures in Japan, including the comprehensive onsen spa facilities with eateries, and traditional public bathhouse. Although there are some rules and manners that you must observe upon using the onsen baths to make sharing of the baths more comfortable, facility staff will give you a thorough walkthrough. Don’t be shy, and enjoy the best part of bathing in huge bath tubs!

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