Onsen Resorts in Gunma with a Wide Variety - Leisurely travel to Onsen-resorts in Gunma prefecture via trains, busses and taxis from Tokyo. Part 2.


Gunma prefecture which is situated about 200km (124mi) from Tokyo is blessed with a wide variety of onsen resorts. Let us continue the introduction of unique onsen resorts.
Onsen Resorts in Gunma with a Wide Variety Part1.

Sarugakyo Onsen


There are tens of onsen inns, minshuku inns, and day-visit spas. The onsen there was discovered about 400 years ago, and it has been said that a monkey has saved a child who was badly burnt by taking him/her to the onsen.

Onogami Onsen


Onogami Onsen Center, which is located a few steps away from Onogami Onsen Station, is one of the pioneers among the public day-visit spa facilities in Japan. The onsen there produces spring water gentle to skins as it is referred to as “bijin-no-yu (hot spring for the beautiful)”.

Tsumagoi Onsen


Tsumagoi area, an area famous for producing renowned Tsumagoi cabbage, has several onsen inns. You will be able to enjoy relaxing time in the midst of the serene ambiance.

Oigami Onsen


This onsen resort is situated in the mountains near the Fukiware no Taki waterfalls, which is also referred to as “Niagara falls of the orient”. At the morning markets, you may have some chances to get to interact with rustic locals.

Shiriyaki Onsen


This is a free onsen where the hot spring squirts out of the river bed. There is no facilities including changing room and you will find some people with bathing suits and some without in this onsen.

The unpretentious and ordinary looking onsens each offer its unique features that onsen lovers get hooked on.

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