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One Punch Man – The Superhero That Packs a Punch

Do you love manga? Those Japanese comics which have their own characteristics in each drawing. How about anime? Animated movies or cartoons from Japan, typically a story taken from popular manga or another new story from the same author.

Manga and anime are becoming more and more popular every year, not just in Japan, but also around the world. This is because manga and anime can be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, ranging from young and old, rich and poor, men and women, and so on.

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One such popular manga hero is named One Punch Man, created by mangaka (the term for the artists who drew the manga) known only by the pseudonym ONE. One Punch Man was published as a manga by Shueisha in 2009 and as an anime in 2012 capturing the worlds attention with a new kind of superhero story.

It's a hero comic much like Superman or Captain America but this superhero is actually sometimes not very happy with his choice to be one and at times feels like more of a villain. It's a more violent manga with adult themes that has been gaining a following inside and outside Japan.


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One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime in Japan. It tells the story of an ordinary young man named Saitama (not associated with the prefecture north of Tokyo) who lived alone in an apartment in the fictional Japanese metropolis of City Z. From childhood, Saitama, dreamed of becoming a superhero. Triggered by an incident where he was beaten up when saving a boy who was chased by a monster.

He started his training to become a superhero by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and run as far as 10 Km everyday for 3 years without stopping before finally starting his career as an amateur superhero. This simple premise apparently successfully turned him into the world's most powerful superhero.

Saitama can defeat all his enemies with one single punch only. This is what makes him called One Punch Man, the strongest superhero figure from Japan. However, because of his ability, Saitama gets bored because his opponents are always defeated without any resistance. Eventually in the series, this makes him get bored by his powers and seek out a worthy opponent.

Throughout the series, One Punch Man fights monsters, joins superhero leagues, trains a prodigy, and even switches identities for money.


Saitama originally had spiky black hair and brown eyes. Thanks, to his excessive training, he became bald. Saitama has a thin body shape but still muscular without the costume. As the main character, Saitama is shown to be very simple. With the ellipse-shaped eyes with a dot in the middle as the eyeballs and flat facial expressions.

Besides his usual outside appearance, Saitama also has a calm and easily bored personality. So he is more commonly seen without expression. It somehow became one of the elements of comedy in this anime and manga.

For a costume, One Punch Man wears a tight yellow jumpsuit, which also comes with a belt, white or red robe, red gloves and red boots as well.

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One Punch Man may have borrowed heavily from other superhero comics such as Superman, but also has a few original ideas that one may not associate with superheroes. From a plain-looking appearance to a simpler origin story, all in a world of fighting monsters and unique anti-heroes, One Punch Man may have been written for a more pessimistic audience but is still entertaining to read or watch.

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