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Nippori: A Hobbyist's Paradise!

Have you ever been to Nippori? If not, here comes a good opportunity for you to get to know this place more. Next time if you pay a visit to Japan again, please put Nippori on your must-go list or else you will regret it!

Fabric Street – The Paradise for the Handicraft-holic

If you love making handmade products, Fabric Street is a place you should never miss! You only need to take a five-minute walk from Nippori JR Station south exit. And when you will see this flag all along the way, it means you are on the right track.


As the largest fabric town in Tokyo, you can find all materials you want. Fabric Street is full of textile and fabric stores. You can also find an array of accessories, such as threads, buttons and cotton, etc. The number of shops here is beyond imagination.


Any material you need to make clothes is right here.

You can find a wide range of materials with affordable prices you need for making clothes, for instance, buttons, fabric, threads, etc.



There are hundreds of buttons, ranging from traditional ones to special ones. Make use of them and create your handmade product in your own style!


And of course, you can find some shops selling more expensive and elegant fabrics.

ACCESS: (By JR) Take a 5-minute walk from Nippori Station south exit.

Yanaka Ginza – The Shopping Paradise

Even though there are thousands of tourists in Yanaka Ginza during weekends, you can still experience its sound and relaxed atmosphere. Those who love shopping should definitely take some time strolling along this attractive street! Just take a five-minute walk from Nippori JR Station west exit. Follow the big crowd of people from JR Station and you will discover easily why this place is so popular.

Even though Yanaka Ginza is only 170 meters long, it is filled with around 70 shops. This long walkway is where the locals do their everyday shopping. For visitors, you can find different kinds of souvenirs you want on this street, ranging from clothes, stamps, crafts, etc. Apart from souvenir shops, you can also find a large supermarket and pharmacy too! The photos shown below list some of the interesting shops which can be found in this street.

Make a unique use of your name by making your own Japanese stamp or inkan! Simply select the character and the font you desire (which are listed in the shop) and tell the staff which name (7 letters at most) you desire to use for the inkan. It takes only around 30 minutes! Have a try when you pay a visit there next time.
(Price: ¥2600 per small stamp, prices for larger ones vary).


Have you ever seen these attractive and colourful mosaic lamps before? You can join the workshop and make one yourself! Select the shape of lamp you want and design it. Prices vary (they depend on the type of lamp you choose). Don’t forget to make a reservation for the workshop on the Internet beforehand.


If you find difficulty choosing souvenirs for your beloved ones, porcelain products may be a good option for you. Aside from traditional porcelain objects like cups, bowls and plates, decorations with interesting designs can be found as well. Take some time and have a look! You may find something special unexpectedly.

If you have time, hang around Nippori and pay a visit to these places. Have a wonderful and rewarding experience!

ACCESS: (By JR) Take a five-minute walk from Nippori JR Station west exit.

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