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Nagoya Shopping Guide

Nagoya is one of the largest cities in Japan, and like all great cities, it has its fair share of great shopping. However, there are so many options that it can get a little confusing. But fear not, with my guide you will be well on your way to buying gifts, souvenirs, or a little something for yourself!


No Nagoya shopping guide would be complete without Sakae. Sakae is a shopping district filled with tons of malls, department stores, and select shops. The products range from Western brand names to Japanese brand names and even special, but not so well-known items.

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  • Parco

Parco is filled with both affordable and high-end shops. Although, they don’t quite reach the designer end of the spectrum. It is a shopping mall made up of three separate buildings filled with men’s, women’s, and even some children’s clothing and accessories. They’re even a few different cosmetic shops as well. Plus, on the first floor, they often have special pop-up shops. Needless to say, Parco is my personal favorite!

  • Loft

   Standing seven stories tall, there is plenty of shopping to be done inside of Loft. It is a department store filled with Japanese goods, but most of them are quite unique. They sell a range of items including cute, Japanese stationary and unique Japanese cooking goods! 

  • Lachic

Lachic is a shopping paradise for fashionistas that want to check out some Japanese brands. There are eight floors worth of men’s and women’s clothing. And like Parco, they have Japanese brands, but they are slightly higher end. 

  • Matsuzakaya

Matsuzakaya is a department store/mall that spreads across three different buildings. They have a variety of different stores including European luxury brands, Japanese brands, a Pokémon Center, and an H&M. It is so big that it will easily take you an hour or two, if not more, to see everything. 

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  • Oasis 21

Oasis 21 has the most unique building structure out of this list of shopping areas! For that alone, it is worth a visit. On top, there is a space-ship esc area with a fountain. It has a beautiful view during the day time, but the night light up is even better! As for the actual shopping, they have tons of shops, including my personal favorite, a Studio Ghibi shop. It connects to the subway and an underground shopping center. While they mostly have clothes, they have other odds and ends as well!

  • Select Shops

Some of the best shopping in Nagoya lie outside of the large shopping malls. There are a variety of select clothing shops hidden in the streets of Sakae. The best way to discover them is by walking around the malls. 

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  • Don Quijote

Don Quijote is a super famous and popular discount chain store in Japan. There are many and you should at least visit one while you are in Japan. They are a great place to find quirky and cheap souvenirs. They have food, cooking supplies, home goods, hair and makeup products and everything in between. They also have tons of support for foreigners and duty-free service! If you are looking for souvenirs or even just window shopping, it is a great place to check out!


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Osu is a wonderland for trendy street style filled with 1,200 shops. It is nuzzled near Sakae, but the atmosphere is completely different. Osu’s renowned shopping street is known for having vintage finds and cheap stylish shops. It is a must visit for people who are looking for something completely unique! While there are a ton of clothing shops, there are game, souvenir, and drug stores too. (If you are looking for vintage games in Nagoya, this is the place to go!) Also, as a fun bonus, Osu Kannon Temple is right next to it so you can do just a bit of site seeing during your shopping spree.  

Nagoya Station

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  • Takashima and Gate Tower Mall

These two buildings are the most notable in Nagoya. They are the twin towers connected to the station. There are 15 floors of shopping, if you include the basement levels. There a ton of cafes to relax in and tons of shops to explore. Some of the most notable shops inside are Tokyu Hands and Bic Camera. Tokyu Hands stocks a variety of unique lifestyle goods and it spreads across six floors. Aside from that they have many clothing stores, as well. You need a good few hours to explore all of the shops spread out in these buildings. The basement floors of these buildings are also a great place to buy food gifts. 

  • Kintetsu Passe

Local girls rush to Kintetsu Passe for all of their shopping needs. It only houses casual, trendy women’s clothing, and it tends to have younger styles. It rises nine floors tall. There are Nagoya sweet treats in the bottom and a Tower Records Store in the top.

  • Midland Square

If luxury brands and high fashion are what you are searching for, then look no further. Midland Square will fill your hearts desires. They also have a food boutique floor, which is my personal favorite. They have fancy cakes and mouthwatering chocolate. 

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