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Nagashima Spaland: For Adventure-Seekers in Chubu Area

Japan is not only known for its cute stuffs for girly girls, good comics for manga maniacs, best animation for anime addicts, delicious foods for food fanatics, and amazing beauty products for makeup lovers. The country has a space also for those adventure-seeking addicts.

When someone is seeking for adventure, a part in central Japan won't disappoint you. This summer, if you haven't yet tried the best amusement park in central Japan, maybe, it's the best time of the year to experience this place, though amidst the heat of summer. There's an amusement park in Kuwana, Mie prefecture called Nagashima Spaland that is famous for its world-record ride attractions and has approximately 40 types of rides and attractions. This is where you can find the Steel Dragon 2000, the world's fastest descending roller coaster, the White Cyclone, the world's largest wooden roller coaster and now, just recently, the Flying Coaster Acrobat, the world's largest flying coaster in terms of scale. Also, during summer only, the park has a big seawater swimming pool with almost 18 kinds of slides that almost everyone, queues for the sake of enjoyment and for the fun they get of sliding those giant slides.

The park has a Kidstown area where there are recommended attractions for small children can enjoy. They have Enjoy and Fantasy area where children and people who's not into thrill can enjoy at the same time. And last but not the least, the most favorite of everyone, the reason why they are inside the park is the Thrill and Speed area where thrill-seeking person can enjoy the most! This is where almost the roller coasters are located that will make your heart skip a beat and make your blood pump faster. There are almost 10 attractions in this famous area of the park but there's this 3 rides that everyone line up to and their Nagashima Spaland trip would not be complete if they cannot ride these famous attractions. Let me introduce the top 3 !

3. White Cyclone

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This wood roller coaster(yes, WOOD!) stands in height of 455m, a length of 1,715m and the best drop at 39m with best speed at 102km/h. Minimum height requirement is 130cm. The ride experience takes approximately 2 minutes 35 seconds. Ride fee is 1,000JPY but free if you purchase the passport ticket.

2. Steel Dragon 2000

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Debuted year 2000, year of the Dragon, this roller coaster has a length of 2,479m and a height of 97m with a peak speed at 153km/h. Required height and age is 140cm-185cm and 10 year's old and above, respectively. The experience takes 3 minutes 12 seconds. Ride fee is 1,000JPY but free if you purchase the passport ticket.

1. Flying Coaster Acrobat (New Attraction!)

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This new ride in the park is open for visitors to enjoy this summer of 2015. It is a flying roller coaster that will flip and twirl you around in 360 degrees for 2 minutes. It has a length of 1,021m, height of 43m and a peak speed of 90km/h. 32 people can enjoy in a one-time ride. Height requirement is 135cm-198cm. This is also free to ride if you purchase the passport ticket and 1,000JPY for non-purchasers.

This amusement park has a lot to offer besides the aforementioned for those who seek thrill and adventure, so why not fire those car engines or book that ticket to Nagoya and drive through Kuwana, Mie and have fun at Nagashima Spaland amidst the heat of summer!


Address: 333 Nagashimacho Urayasu, Kuwana 511-1192, Mie Prefecture

Hours: During summer, the park is open weekdays from 9:30-19:30 and until 22:00 when there is a scheduled firework display. During weekends, the park is open from 9:30-20:00. During winter, the park is open weekdays from 9:30-17:00 and until 17:30 during weekends.

Closing Dates: For safety purposes, the park is sometimes close for maintenance. Check the park's website for closing dates.

Contact Number: 0594-45-1111



How to get there

By car:
From Nagoya, take the Nagoya Expressway /Higashi-Meihan Expressway through the Nagashima I.C. then take the regular road which takes approximately 30 minutes. You can also take the route from Nagoya Expressway/Isewangan Expressway through the Wangan Nagashima I.C. Nagashima Spaland has a parking space for 1,300 cars and a parking fee of 1000JPY.
By bus:
From Meitetsu Nagoya Bus Center, ride the bus going to Nagashima Resort with a stop at Nabana no Sato. Get off at Nagashima Resort. The ride takes approximately 50 minutes from the bus center and 20 minutes from Nabana no Sato. Round-trip ride costs 1900JPY for adults and 960JPY for kids. One-way ride is 1060JPY for adults and 530JPY for kids.

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