Marvellous #5 in March

Marching towards the end of the financial year in Japan let me enlist the Marvellous 5.

#5 Things To Do On Takeshita Street, Harajuku

Photo by Ayanami No03 on Flickr

At Takeshita Street

Well most of you must have followed 5 Favorite Coffee Shops in Bustling Tokyo, The Top 5 Must See Places in Gifu City this month. But hold on these are just a few.

Our writer Luna takes you to on incredibly famous and popular district near central Tokyo.

Yes you guessed it right. HARAJUKU it is.

UNIQUE and STYLISH are the two terms that flash as soon as you hear Harajuku. If it has brand stores and fine-dining restaurants closer to Omotesando, on another part on the Takeshita Street it has reasonably priced stores, restaurants and jewelry shops.

#4 10 Foods You Have to Try When You're in Japan

Large plate of sushi
Photo by Hajime NAKANO on Flickr

Food you MUST try once in Japan

FOOD makes me HIGH.....and talking of good food I guess I'm on seventh heavens.

Japanese cuisine (和食 or Washoku) has gained immense popularity and Japan fast turning into a Food Destination. Why not...Washoku is on the United Nation's Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Luna you deserve a 'pat on your back'. Back to back #5 and #4.

Writers please start sharing your posts and making it popular on your social networking sites. You have tough competition!

#3 Sengakuji: The Temple of the 47 Ronin

Sengakuji Temple in Shinagawa Tokyo
Photo by David Pursehouse on Flickr

The Temple of the 47 Ronin

John Asano has not given up and is still a close competitor to Luna.

Go...go...keep going! SHARE your posts.....

Who knows Writers making it to #1 will be in for a surprise!!!

Talking about competition I forgot to mention have you heard the famous story of the 47 ronin in Japan? If not, please find about it and if yes.....did you know that there was a temple dedicated to those loyal samurai spirits!! Check the post for more.

#2 A Guide to Tokyo's Subway System

People sitting on the subway in Tokyo Japan
Photo by Richard Giles on Flickr

Tokyo's Efficient Subway System

An amateur's guide to the Tokyo Subway System in Japan. Everything that you need to know while traveling across Tokyo through its efficient and winding subways.

Luna you are still in competition to #1 let's see who won.

#1 Discover Old Tokyo at Kawagoe

Well OLD is GOLD!

Kawagoe was a tough call. John Asano grabs #1

Well Marvellous March was much of a competition between two of our best Writers. You both deserve a 'pat on your back'

Carry on the good work and I hope this will inspire our other Writers too.

Speaking about Kawagoe, it is a former castle town that has been nicknamed “Little Edo” (小江戸), small town in Saitama Prefecture that makes a great day trip from the hustle and bustle of modern day Tokyo. The town is located only a short 30 minutes by train from central Tokyo. It is a town that allows you to taste and see the traditional part of Japan that is getting rarer to find.

So next time you want to feel traditional Japan head to Kawagoe!

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