“Lightscape in Rokko”, an Illumination Event, which Decorates Mt. Rokko!


The art with illumination which is hosted by Rokkosan Kanko on the peak of Mt. Rokko, Lightscape in Rokko – Autumn Version 2014 will be held until November 24th.


This illumination event on the Mt. Rokko is held annually, and the theme for this year is “The breeze that flow through the four seasons of Mt. Rokko.”

They use the state-of-the-art LED lighting fixture which can express over 10 million colors with the installations.


The light which is completely natural looking light lights up the frame which covers the entire observation deck from the inside decorates the space with a fascinating atmosphere.

With the autumn version of the event, “Aya/Kaze” features an effect to strongly blow the leaves that are associated with the autumn-leaf season to the midair.

Masayuki Fushimi, the director for “Lightscape in Rokko,” on Mt. Rokko, is a multiple-award winning artist, and he undertakes the designing of daily living spaces and urban spaces that are decorated with the use of light. He also is active as a “tool” for expression that would enrich people’s lives.

Experience this unique and fantastic world!

Basic Information
Admission Fee: JPY 300 for Adults (13yrs and over), JPY 200 for kids (4yrs-12yrs).
Event period: September 13 (Sat) – November 24 (Mon- Holiday)
Time: 18:00 – 21:00 (Gate closes for admission at 20:39)

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