Lagunasia: Aichi's Amusement Park and Flower Garden

Lagunasia which is located along the coast of Gamagōri City is one of the most famous attractions of Aichi.  This is not only because of it's much touted 'Flower Lagoon' but also for its amusement park.

“Flower Lagoon” is a flower garden with seasonal flowers all year round starting from tulips in the spring, to roses in the summer, to Chrysanthemum–or commonly known as mums–in the autumn. Scientific research has proved that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of moods. They bring immediate happiness and help to maintain a long term positive mood. So imagine the magnitude of benefits one could get if they are surrounded by 360 degrees of flowers.

The weather being pleasant at this season made my experience even more contented. As soon as I entered, I was stunned by the huge number of flowers in different colors spread across the landscape with flowers not only around us but also underneath enclosed inside glass tiles.

You can see the 360 degree view of the flower garden with this video I made here.

There is a cafe restaurant “Lagoon Forest” located just besides the lake which offer a variety of French cuisines which can be enjoyed with the view of the magnificent flowers. The exit of the garden is equally beautiful as we strolled through the flower tunnel. Like any other major attraction in Japan, there is a souvenir shop with all sorts of items. At this one, everything is related to plants like seeds, saplings and fertilizers. The most interesting item which I found was miniature cactus plants.

Next it was time to head towards the different rides spread out around the amusement park.

Some of the must-try rides are “Fire Fire Next”, “Aqua wind” and “The Legend of Labyrinth”. I enjoyed playing in Fire Fire Next, a Laser shooting game, so much that I could not stop even after playing for 5 times. There is also an Art theater which airs different shows depending on the time of the year. You can check with the official website below to know about the show timings.

Some of the other attractions near the amusement park are the “Thalgo Lagoon” and the “Festival Market”. Thalgo Lagoon is a natural hot spring and the perfect place to experience the famous Japanese Onsen.This is unique from other onsens due to the fact that there are many exercise stations where pressurized water jets massage your body. This is a perfect way to relax after a tiring day.

The festival market is a shopper’s paradise with more than 150 shops which include a fish market, vegetable market and seaside restaurant. There is also a dry fruits shop which has a large variety to choose from and the dry cherries are not to be missed.

During winter season the illuminations add beauty to the amusement park. This is one of the best illumination shows in Aichi. I was lucky enough to even witness the fireworks for a few minutes. Overall had a fun filled day with my loved ones.


From Nagoya Station, take the JR Tokaido line. Get off at Gamagōri station and take the direct route bus* (Approx. 15 minutes).
* Bus operation is subject to change. Please check before you leave.


〒443-0014 Aichi Prefecture, Gamagōri, 海陽町2−3−1

Phone no: 0533-58-2700

Official Website

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