Keisei Rose Garden

Keisei Rose Nurseries – One of the Best Rose Gardens in Japan

A field full of roses has always been a dream to me. Since I moved to Chiba Prefecture, I found a garden I really fell in love with, this beautiful garden is “Keisei Bara En”, it is 30,000 square meters with an area that holds 10,000 roses of 1,600 varieties. You’ll be surprised of its different kinds. It is perfect for a day out with families or couples.

Keisei Rose Garden

For me, it is like entering a place you never thought existed, a place all covered with greens, roses and wild flowers. I remember my first reaction upon stepping inside this garden, I was so amazed by how big the roses were and felt so excited, the roses have a fantastic fragrance resembling tea. It smells quite good! It is heavenly.


When you walk straight a couple of meters from the entrance, you will see a little fountain, covered with flowers. Their are some benches where you can sit and enjoy the pleasant smell and the scenery itself.

Green House

Keisei Rose Garden Glass
The Green House
Keisei Rose Garden Glass House
How it looks inside the Green House

On the right side, you will see a Green House made of glass. You are allowed to enter here to enjoy the vegetation and scenery.

Healing Garden

Keisei Rose Garden
A Huge Tree That Can Shade Lots of People

Keisei also has a healing garden, it is an area where you can see trees, walk through grass, wild flowers, a bridge, and a pond. I am guessing that maybe it is called a healing garden because of the silence and the peaceful feeling that this area can give you.

Imagine reading a book under this tree, you might be able to finish it in a day because of the peaceful atmosphere the nature gives or just sit there and meditate.

Keisei Rose Garden
A Great Place to Relax

The garden also has a café patio where you can buy rose ice cream and eat while looking at the garden. I was surprised that there is actually a rose ice cream, you should definitely try it!

And lastly, to complete your experience, try to check out their souvenir shop which is called “Rose Shop” the name of the shop says it all, it is a themed rose shop in which all of the merchandise is about roses, from stationaries, soaps, lotions, face mist or pouches.

A Shop Covered with Roses

Business Hours:

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Open everyday
Holidays differ depending on the season.

For more information: Contact number: 047-459-0106 (telephone guidance is only in Japanese)

Admission Differs Per Month


May and June 1,200 yen
July and August 500 yen
October and November 1,000 yen
Other months 300 yen

Elementary and Junior High School:

May and June 200 yen
July and August 100 yen
October and November 200 yen
Other months 100 yen
Seniors (from 65 year old):
May and June 900 yen
July and August 400 yen
October and November 700 yen
Other months 200 yen

The peak season is May to June. That is why it is pricey compared to other months.

Location Address:
755 Owada Shinden, Yachiyo-Shi, Chiba Prefecture, 276-0046

By train:
15 minutes walk from Yachiyo-Midorigaoka Station of Tokyo Rapid Railway
30 minutes ride from Yachiyo Station of Keisei-Line

For more information, visit their guide map:

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