Joshinji and Todoroki Valley – A Jungle in Tokyo

There are a lot of great places in and around Tokyo that are worth a visit. In this article two spots in the south of the Setagaya district, that you might not know yet, will be introduced to you. They are perfect for anyone who is searching for an escape into the countryside. But this countryside is in the big city, Tokyo.

Somon Gate

We are starting at the Kuhonbutsu Station that can be reached with the Tokyu Oimachi Line. There’s something special about the station. It’s a little bit small. So small that some of the train’s doors won’t open. Fortunately they are marked when you go by train.

A few steps away you can find a long alley that leads you to the Joshinji – a temple complex.

The temple was established in 1678. At the moment, there’s a huge construction area for restoring one of the buildings, but there’s still lots to explore.

One of the first buildings you will see, is the Kaizando. A hall that is dedicated to the founder of the temple and many pregnant women visit it to pray for a safe birth.


One of the impressive buildings is the Niohmon. A huge gate with statues of Nioh, the guardian divinities.

Behind the gate you can relax at a small pond on the right side. Sometimes you can listen to the sound of frogs.

When you go ahead you can see a huge bell which is typical for huge temples. At the end of the complex you can find some more buildings. One of them is the main hall, in which a large statue of Shaka Nyorai is enshrined. In front of the main hall are two crane figures that are decorated with ema and omikuji.

Hondo, The Main Hall

In front of the Joshinji you can have a seat under one of the huge trees and have a snack. There’s a booth that sells yakitori and small bento or you can grab some food at one of the supermarkets or convenience stores.

Todoroki Valley

Two more stations ahead you reach Todoroki. Close to the station you can find a supermarket that also sells bento or you can get gyudon at a Sukiya restaurant. Next to Sukiya you can also find a soba restaurant.

Behind the mentioned supermarket you can find stairs that lead you down to the Todoroki Valley. A few steps and you feel like walking through a jungle along a river. You can have snack on one of the benches down there or just enjoy the nature with a relaxing walk. You can find hidden shrines behind small bridges, waterfalls and there’s also a teahouse called Setsugekka, hidden in the green. This place has so much beautiful nature to offer.

Chigo Daishi Mideido

When you’ve climbed a lot of steps you find the Todoroki Fudoson on a hill. You can have a nice view from up there. In the autumn, you can see a lot of artists sitting under the red and yellow trees painting pictures. The area has a very relaxing vibe.

Todoroki Fudoson

You can leave all your cares behind and enjoy this nature spot to the fullest.

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