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Ishie – The Loch Ness Monster of Japan in Kagoshima

Have you ever stood by a lake? Sitting on a dock watching the beautiful scenery in front of you; enjoying your daylight with the warmth of the sun? This is the kind of happiness which is easy to get but sometimes more enjoyable on certain days. But what happens if, in the midst of your relaxation, suddenly a creature from the depth of the water appears right before your eyes? What kind of creature is this and does such a creature actually exist?

No, this isn't about the Loch Ness monster of Scotland. Japan has it's own lake monster and many people have claimed to have seen it.

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Japan has a legendary aquatic creature named Ishie (pronounced Ishee). Ishie is believed to be the creature living in Lake Ikeda in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima. It was described as a giant lizard with dark skin in color with humps on its back and flippers. It was predicted to be 45 feet long. Many claimed to have seen it but could never be prove true.

Lake Ikeda is a huge caldera lake which receives water only from rain and water sources unlike Loch Ness which receives water from the sea. Which begs the question as to why a monster would move from land to inhabit this particular lake in Kagoshima always hiding from common eyes. Have any monster samples ever washed up to shore?

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Lake Ikeda is located on the Satsuma Peninsula and bordered by the Sea of Japan and the Kagoshima Gulf. Some people said that Malaysian eels came to the lake and bred in the lakeshore. This gave people the concept that Ishie is actually a giant eel. However as the length of Ishie is said to be 45 feet, and the longest length a Malaysian eel can reach is only about 1,7 metres, it is unlikely.

Mythology of Isshie

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Based on Japanese mythology, Issie appeared as white mare with a little foal. They lived happily on the shores of Lake Ikeda. But then tragedy happened when the samurai kidnapped the foal. She tried to find it but it was useless. Then, she jumped into the lake because of her great sadness. She transformed into the giant beast. Many times she appeared to the surface just to search for her foal.

Evidence of Ishie

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The sea monster, Isshie, was firstly reported in 1978 by a man named Matsubara. He stood by the shore with camera in his hand. Suddenly he saw something, a giant creature came out from the lake. A giant creature with 2 humps. Not only him but also about twenty more people reported the same thing which appeared from the lake with 5 meter long body and dark skin. Another visitor also captured the video with the same creature and was estimated 14 meter in length.

I hope this encourages travelers to visit Lake Ikeda and see for themselves if there is a monster or not. Travelers visiting can enjoy water sports and swimming.

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