Illumination Event in Wajima! “Aze no Kirameki”

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One of many tourist attractions in Noto peninsula, “Shiroyone Senmaida, Wajima-shi”, is a rice terrace with superb view, which signifies one of the GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) site, “Noto no Satoyama, and Satoumi”. They hold this spectacular illumination event, “Aze no Kirameki”, annually from October to March. Let us give you a quick run through of the event:

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Wajima-shi is a tourist attraction which is rapidly gaining its popularity, and is a city where an NHK serial TV drama, “Mare” is being filmed.

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Wajima-shi which is situated in the northern part of Ishikawa prefecture is famous for the Wajima-nuri lacquer wares, and Wajima Asaichi (morning bazar), one of the three biggest morning bazars in Japan. Wajima is a destination suitable for sightseeing as there are so many places of interest and craftworks unique to Noto peninsula scattered across the city.

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The Shiroyone Senmaida, which features geometric patterns formed by 1004 rice pads is the most popular tourist attraction in Wajima-shi, where you can enjoy the spectacular view throughout the year.


The event, Aze no Kirameki had launched in 2011, and it was certified by the Guinness World Book of Records as the largest LED display operated by photovoltaic power.
The best time to view the illumination is after the sun set. The fantastic scenery is created where the lights gradually appear as the sky gets darkened. Make sure to get there before the sunset to fully enjoy the great scenery.


The snowy season is particularly beantiful. The illumination
The illumination gradually appears into the snowy landscape will be a memorable experience.
The Shiroyone Senmaida offers two different charms from the daytime and the evening. You should experience this romantic scenery.

Event period: October 18, 2014 – March 15, 2015.
Illumination time: 4 hours from sunset (the best time is between 18:00 and 20:00)

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