How About a Fantastic Illumination Event?! – Nabana-no-sato Mie prefecture

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Nabana-no-Sato in Mie prefecture is home to one of the best illumination events in Japan.
The Winter Illumination Event, “Toka-no-kyoen” begins from October 25th this year to March 31st, 2015.
Here are the highlights of the event.


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Nabana-no-sato offers beautiful seasonal flowers throughout the year, and the landscape adorned with seasonal blossoms paints a breathtaking picture specific to each season in Japan.


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Spring is enjoyed with varying shades of Tulip blooms.



Roses and hydrangeas make Summers more passionate and colourful.



Cosmoses add radiance to Autumn thereby uplifting the fall-mood.


photo:おにく on wiki

"The Tunnel of Light" or “Hikari-no-tunnel" is definitely a place to witness for its fantastic illumination that is strikingly distinct from the landscape in the daytime.

The rainbow-illuminated tunnel takes one to a fantasy-filled and amazing atmosphere.


Much, rather most, of the illumination is inspired by the colors of autumn leaves.


In addition to this, illumination on water will be a treat to your eyes,

As well as the sea of clouds that are made completely of lights.

“Nabana-no-sato” recreates a romantic fairy-tale atmosphere with LED lights adorned strategically over the landscape. Visit Nabana-no-sato to enjoy the seasonal flowers and the glamorous world created with lights.

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