Hokkaido, A Paradise For Beer Lovers

Sapporo, Hokkaido, is the city where full-scale beer brewing in Japan started. We will introduce five places near Sapporo where you can learn about beer and of course, taste various sorts of the popular beverage.

Sapporo Beer Museum


In this museum, you will learn the history of beer brewing. You will also learn how to pour a beer to make it tastier.


After the visit, you can try Sapporo beer (a paid service). We recommend you to try Sapporo Classic, which is tasty and easy to drink, and is only available in Hokkaido.

Website: http://sapporofactory.jp/beer_museum/
(only in Japanese)

Sapporo Kaitakushi Brewery


In this brewery, you'll find many exhibits that will teach you the history of Sapporo Beer, including the caldron used for beer preparation.


Nearby, there is a shop where you can taste a beer which has been produced to taste exactly the same as when the brewery was founded. Although the beer's taste is simple, imagining the time when the beer was first brewed will make you enjoy it even more.

Website: http://www.sapporobeer.jp/brewery/s_museum/
(only in Japanese)

Asahi Beer Hokkaido Brewery


At this brewery, you can learn the secrets that make Asahi Beer so tasty.


You can taste the beer after the brewery tour for free. You will also learn how to pour the beer to maximize its taste. We recommend trying the Asahi Super Dry.

Website: http://www.asahibeer.co.jp/brewery/language/english/

Otaru Soko No. 1


The brewery tour will tell you about how Otaru Beer is brewed.


After the tour, you can try Otaru beer (a paid service). Many varieties are available, which make it difficult to choose!

Website: http://otarubeer.com/jp/
(only in Japanese)

Kirin Beer Park Chitose


At this beer park, you will learn how Kirin Beer’s Ichiban Shibori is brewed.


Again, you can taste the beer after the tour, this time for free. The taste varies a lot depending on how it is poured.

Website: http://www.kirin.co.jp/entertainment/factory/chitose/
(only in Japanese)

It is quite obvious that each of these breweries is aiming at creating the best taste for their beers. The beer fresh out of the brewery is very tasty. Experience the Japanese beer culture by learning about beer, and by drinking a lot of it!

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