Hachimanzaka Slope Offers Some of Hakodate's Best Views

Hachimanzaka is said to be named after Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine, which was once located at the top of the slope. Hachimangu Shrine was moved to Yachigashira, its current location, after being damaged by fire, but the name remains.

Hachimanzaka is one of the most popular scenic spots in Hakodate, along with the nightscape from Mt. Hakodate.

Hachimanzaka is a 270-meter-long straight road extending to the sea and the sky. The area offers wonderful views: when you look down, you can see the Seikan Ferry ship, the Mashu-Maru, which is moored to the old pier as a memorial museum; when you look up, you can enjoy the view of Mount Hakodate.

Hachimanzaka Slope, Hakodate
Photo by 663highland [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC BY 2.5], from Wikimedia Commons

Although the slope is a straight road extending towards the sea now, it is said that the road used to be winding. When you go all the way up to the top of the slope, there awaits Hakodate Nishi High School, where the famous Japanese enka singer Saburo Kitajima graduated from.

On the top of the slope, there still are historical buildings such as Old British Consulate of Hakodate. Once you venture into Hakodateyama via the Ropeway, you can enjoy the scenic view of one of the three best nightscapes of Japan.

At night you will be able to enjoy different scenery from the day time, such as the stone pavement lit by street lights, and the lights from the port. When you have a chance to come to Hakodate, make sure not to miss this magnificent view.

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