Aerial view of Gunkanjima island

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Gunkanjima, an Abandoned Island in Nagasaki

Hashima Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, commonly called Gunkanjima, used to be densely populated for offshore coal mining. Its coal mines began shutting down in 1974 and Gunkanjima has become a deserted island.

Hashima Island is called Gunkanjima (Battleship Island) because of its battleship-like shape.

Photo credit: Hisagi on Wikimedia Commons 
Photo credit: Citrinitas on Wikimedia Commons

It takes about 40 minutes from Nagasaki Port to Gunkanjima. Gunkanjima, Iojima Island, Takashima Island, and Nakanoshima Island are closely located to each other.

Photo credit: Hisagi on Wikimedia Commons
Photo credit: Jordy Meow on Wikimedia Commons

During the Meiji Period and the Showa Period, Gunkanjima was more densely populated than the prefecture of Tokyo as a whole. The island has been deserted since the coal mines closed.

Photo: Hisagi on Wikimedia Commons

A trip to the island is definitely a unique experience. The following company offers tickets to visit Gunkanjima:

Gunkanjima Concierge
For details, see their website.

You can choose a plan from several options; just enjoy the view of the island from the boat, or go to the eerie island and snap some photos, etc.

The unusual scenery of the abandoned island will make your trip unforgettable…it’s guaranteed!

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