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Goukon: Group Dating in Japan

Do you ever hear about goukon (合コン) also known as group dating in Japanese? Goukon usually refers to two groups of single men and single women who organize a night out together to build some romantic relationships or new friendships between them and is especially popular with college students. Of course, these gatherings are often parties involving lots of drinking or food. A typical goukon should be a group of four or more. If you are single and feeling curious about this group dating in Japan? Let’s learn more about them then!

The Organizers

Photo by すしぱく on Pakutaso.

In this group dating, there are usually two people who play the important role of setting up the place and time to meet. Japanese language usually says it as 幹事 or “kanji”! As I said before, there is one male and one female for each group, who will be the organizer of each goukon. They will gather their friends who want to meet new people and will look for the best priced place to party. The most popular choices of these organizers are pubs or karaoke bars!

What They Do?

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After a plan is made, they will meet up with each other. What do they do during that time then? Just talk about everything in each other's lives. After that, they will play some games or sing some songs. It is okay if they accidentally want to make some romantic relationships too. Which brings us too...

Finding a Partner?

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I don’t know for sure, but I have heard from my Japanese friends that some of them who participate to goukon hoped to meet a potential spouse or marriage partner. I don't know how many people this has actually worked for but I would say it is worth a try.

What to Know Before Entering

Do you know your own blood type? It is a popular practice among Japanese people to categorize their friends by their blood types, so they often talk abut their blood types to each other.

Referring to gender roles. It is common for the men to pay most of the bill, or they should pay more than the women.

At Last

That is goukan, if you participate in it, and don’t have any interest of your opponent, you can still enjoy to make new friendships. Make sure the place you're going to meet has deals on drinks.

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